At this stage we space going to take it a next step and also finish the defence of our stronghold by perfect the search "The fight of Yenwood Field". Perform this by speak to Marshal Forwyn in your key hall and also telling the its time. Say you"re sure and that girlfriend would prefer to travel through them.

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Sound the horn, then be . Deal with the battlemages by sending out in the crucible knights then charge. Call Gathbin it"s time to end up this to start a battle.

It"s a tough fight so be all set to use potions and abilities. As soon as finished be and also once the conversation is finished you"ll earn:

The succession of Caed NuaDefend your position as the grasp of Caed Nua


1 guide

You might like to loot the battlefield, climate camp out here. You have to get one more dialogue with Durance. Answer yet you like, then head ago to Caed Nua.

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Walkthrough Summary
1General hints and tips
2Stronghold Adventures
3Character Creation
4Act ns - Encampment, Cilant Lis and also Valewood
5Act ns - Gilded Vale
6Act i - Map Visiting
7Act ns - Raedric"s Hold
8Act i - Caed Nua
9Act ns - Finishing Up
10Act II - Ondra"s Gift
11Act II - Brackenbury
12Act II - an initial Fires
13Act II - legacy Hill
14Act II - Copperlane
15Act II - progressing the main Quest
16Act II - arbitrarily Things
17Act II - Faction Quests
18Act II - advancing the main Quest
19Act II - Searing Falls and Pearlwood Bluff
20Act II - Stormwall Gorge and Dyrford Village
21Act II - Dyrford Crossing and Cliaban Rilag
22Act II - Finishing the Act
23Intermission - The battle of Yenwood Field
24Intermission - The countless Paths that Od Nua
25DLC - The White March part I
26Act III - simply the Beginnings
27DLC - The White March component II
28Act III - ago to the main Quest
29Act IV - The final Act