Make sure you have an APN + Username & password set under setups > general > Network > to move Data Network. The bottom alternative "Internet Tethering" has to be filled in to enable an individual Hotspot.

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Today I acquire the option back. ~ 6 month I found Onavo application was the factor to disable "personal Hotspot". I simply uninstalled it.

I wrote an email to Onavo support about it and got this reply

Dave NOV 09, 2011 | 06:44PM IST hello Jitendra,

Thanks because that replying.

We"re sorry to hear that, quiet trying to discover a systems for this. Our team is working on numerous solutions, will upgrade soon. Regards,

Onavo assistance


Does her carrier call for that girlfriend pay because that this feature? i don"t know how it"s taken on in India but in the US, the carriers fee extra for this. That course, here in Canada, the carriers provide it for complimentary provided her data arrangement isn"t one of the minimal ones.

So probably the difficulty is that you are not entitled to use it by virtue that not having paid because that it?


The same had actually happened come me (Germany, O2). Critical year, after ~ I had actually used the an individual Hotspot (WiFi)once, that disappeared from the menu.Recently (new iOS, O2 officially sustaining the iphone by now), an individual Hotspot (the bluetooth thing, actually) functioned for 2 minutes or so, climate went dead. Technically the is tho there yet I woun"t gain anything with to the net.

I think it"s something like this (not certain though):The very first time you usage the personal hotspot, her phone checks through your provider wether it enables to share you mobile internet connection to other devices. If not, it climate disables it.If this is correct, the option need to reappear when you acquisition a "shareable" data plan.May need some sort of reset though, aswell.


Ensure that your Data Roaming (located in moving under basic settings) is rotate on. Once you have done this, girlfriend will show your an individual hotspot appear.

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under cellualr data network, scroll down to web tethering and also write "www" in the APN section. Your personal hotspot will certainly definitly work.

Settings, general, cellular, role down, an individual hotspot, personal hotspot on. It will re-appear ~ above the an initial screen. (Settings)

Go to settings > mobile data > mobile data alternatives > mobile data network > here on mobile DATA and on an individual HOTSPOT type your network APN ( you can uncover it ~ above google) then just go back to the setting menu and also restart her phone. It works for me

Go come Cellular -> to move Data choices -> cellular Data Network you will watch at the bottom "Personal Hotspot" areas "APN, Username, Password" simply put anything and your "Personal Hotspot" will be available in that is place.

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