You don"t have to be a winner on American Idol to be in the spotlight, with the likes that Jennifer Hudson, Haley Reinhart, and Adam Lambert walking on to have huge careers regardless of not put first. In 2011, Paul McDonald stole the display with his original songs and also smooth nation voice, however ended up placing eighth in the competition. So wherein is Paul McDonald now?

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Before American Idol, McDonald remained in a band dubbed the grand Magnolias (via EW). Formed in 2006 as the Hightide Blues (via the Opelika Auburn News), the band readjusted their name to the cool Magnolias a year before McDonald"s appearance on the talent show. As result of McDonald"s appearance on the show, their self-titled debut album made Billboard"s Heatseekers chart and sales for the record raised 146%, according to USA Today

After leaving the show, McDonald left the grand Magnolias and also went on to handmade a solo career. He released his very first EP in 2015, and also his debut document Modern Hearts in 2018 (via Spotify).

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During his time top top American Idol, Paul McDonald met actor Nikki Reed at a movie premiere (via Billboard). They began dating, walking on come marry in 2011. They likewise released a five-song alternate country EP in 2012 (via MTV) under their own record label. The monitor "All I"ve ever Needed" was featured on the Breaking Dawn part 2 soundtrack (via YouTube), the last film in the Twilight Saga which Reed starred in together vampire Rosalie Cullen. The pair announced their separation in 2014, "citing irreconcilable differences," every Billboard

McDonald briefly date actor Emily Kinney (The wade Dead, The Flash) native 2017 to 2020 (via US Weekly), developing a music duo called the Sweethearts transaction in 2018 (via Yahoo! Entertainment). It"s not clear when McDonald and also Kinney parted ways, but on Jan. 11, 2021, McDonald revealed top top Instagram the he proposed come girlfriend Leah Blevins, who he had actually been nearby friends through for "almost a decade."

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"Despite the state the the world, 2020 was the most phenomenal year of mine life. With the occasions of the year slowing us all down, this time allowed me to placed what is really vital in my life at the forefront," Paul McDonald"s engagement article read. "I"ve collapse head end heels in love v you & I continue to love you more and an ext as the days go on." 

Throughout 2020, McDonald play dozens that socially distanced gigs — a bulk of which take it place throughout the summer because that his The Stay house Tour. Documenting his journey on Instagram, the singer invested a month and also a half living the end of his van, playing tiny gigs at houses throughout the country. As for upcoming shows, McDonald will take to the phase at the glenn Campbell Museum in Nashville top top Feb. 25, wherein he"ll be performing together Ashley Campbell and also Adam Chaffins to audience at the venue and via live stream.