Our employee is comprised of specialized and licensed specialists with the experience to price all your questions regarding our services. Please feel free to contact any kind of of our staff members at any time.

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Linda Holm

Owner/Funeral Director

Linda has been a funeral director in ~ our Melrose funeral home because 2000. She was formerly employed together a license is granted funeral director with Benson Funeral home in St. Cloud, Minnesota and also Brenny Funeral houses of Albany and also Holdingford, Minnesota. She is a 1998 graduate that the university of Minnesota (B.S. Mortuary Science).

On December 11, 2019, she came to be the new owner the the funeral homes with the assistance of her husband, Brad.

Linda was increased in Sauk Centre. She and also her husband, Brad, reside in Albany, through their 2 sons, Brandon and also Kyle.


Mark Thompson

Funeral Director

Mark join our employee as a funeral manager in October that 2007, after functioning at funeral houses in Minneapolis for eight years, most recently in ~ Washburn-McReavy Funeral Chapels. He graduated from Bemidji State university (B.S. Biology, Chemistry) and in 1999 from the college of Minnesota (B.S. Mortuary Science). Mark grew up in north Minnesota and enjoys fishing, hunting, and also most other outdoor activities.

He and also his wife, Sara, and their two daughters, Nora and also Hazel, reside in Sauk Centre.


Sara Thompson

Independent Prearrangement Specialist

Sara works as an independent prearrangement specialist functioning with ar members to prearrange and also prefund their funeral arrangements.

She grew up in central Minnesota. She is a 2002 graduate the the college of Minnesota (B.S. Mortuary Science) and then functioned at Washburn-McReavy Funeral Chapels in Minneapolis.

She and also her husband, Mark, and their two daughters, Nora and Hazel, reside in Sauk Centre.


Linda Sue Hall

Grief Specialist/Receptionist

LindaSue join our employee in 2019 as our grief specialist and started working as ours receptionist in 2020. She has been a grief counselor because that over 17 years functioning as a BereavementCoordinator because that Heartland Hospice. She facilitates grief support groups in Annandale, Foley, Brainerd and the St. Cloud areas. Lindais a 2004 graduate the St Cloud state with a licensed society worker degree and also aminor in Gerontology.

Shegrew up on a dairy farm in the Kimball/South Haven area and is the oldest regularly children. Lindaand her family members have lived in Albany area for over 35 years. Sheis no a stranger come the life brokenness of losing someone you love todeath.


Jerry Beddow

Jerry joined us in 1995 as a funeral assistant. The is retirement after countless years at Sauk center High School, mostly as principal.

He resides close to Sauk Centre through his wife, Renee.

George Peters

George has been a funeral assistant v us due to the fact that 1997. That is retired from farming and previously offered on the plank of directors for Stearns electrical Cooperative.

He resides close to Sauk Centre v his wife, Delores.

Rollie Gilk

Rollie joined our staff as a funeral assistant in 2004, after functioning at the Brenny Funeral houses in Albany and also Holdingford for countless years. He enjoys gift a college bus driver.

He lives in Albany with his wife, Tillie.

Ralph valve Beck

Ralph has actually been a funeral assistant through us because 2014. That is retirement from farming yet is still energetic in the agricultural business.

He resides in Melrose v his wife, Linda.

Dan Meyer

Dan joined our staff as a funeral assistant in 2018. Dan and also his wife, Char live close to Meire Grove. They have three married children and six grandchildren.

Jon Coltvet

Jonathan Scott Coltvet, period 41 of Sauk Centre, died Thursday, June 7, 2007 in ~ St. Mary"s Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota, following considerable open heart surgery.

Jon moved to Sauk center in September the 1988 to begin his career together a funeral director with Schad Funeral Homes. Jon had the an excellent pleasure of offer his totality career under the guidance of Bernie Schad and also Pat Patton the Patton-Schad Funeral & Cremation Services, many recently as the manager that the Melrose funeral home.

Jon will certainly be considerably missed through his wife, Sarah and son, Alex that Sauk Centre; parents, Sherman and Rachel Coltvet the Rochester; siblings, Elizabeth McGeeney (Jim) and also niece, Anna the Rochester, Tim Coltvet (Maren) and also niece, Linnea, and also nephew, Anders of Plymouth, and Stephanie Coltvet the Minneapolis. That is also survived by his mother-in-law, Nina Anderson that Blackduck; brothers-in-law, Steven Anderson (Kelly Fries) and also nephews, Lukas and Reilly the St. Francis, Philip Anderson of Brownsville, Texas, Joseph Anderson (Julie Muller) and also niece, Adrienne, and also nephew, Max that Roseau; sister-in-law, mary Anderson (Craig Cameron) and also nephew, Elliot, and niece, Clara that Tenstrike; many aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Bernie Schad

Bernard J. "Bernie" Schad, age 80 that Melrose, died unexpectedly following a huge heart attack Monday, December 5, 2011 at the Melrose Area Hospital in Melrose, Minnesota.

In 1966 Bernie and Mary relocated to Melrose and he started serving the community and also surrounding locations as your funeral director. He later increased Schad Funeral homes to include the funeral houses in Grey Eagle, Sauk Centre, and also Freeport. In 1993 the funeral dwellings were sold to Pat and Sue Patton of Sauk Centre and Bernie continued to work until his retirement from full-time funeral directing in 1995. Over the previous 16 year he had ongoing to occupational at the funeral residence whenever he to be needed, which contained participating in the yearly Service the Remembrance hosted just the day before his death.

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Survivors encompass his wife, mar Schad of Melrose; four children, Julie (Mel) Schaefer the Melrose, Joe (Angela) Schad the Maple Grove, Mike (Kerry) Schad the West Yellowstone, Montana, and also Patrick (Teresa) Schad the Melrose; ten grandchildren, Ben (Lane) Schaefer the Sauk Centre, Jillian (J.J.) Megge of southern Lyon, Michigan, Jon (Jessica) Schaefer of St. Cloud, Joey (friend, Jenna Burns) Schaefer the St. Cloud, Tucker Landis of Minneapolis, Samantha Schad the Maple Grove, Mandy Lakso that Superior, Wisconsin, Kanika Lakso of West Yellowstone, Montana, Gracie and also Logan Schad of Melrose; two great-grandsons, Jordan Schaefer and also Tyson Lakso; 6 brothers and sisters, Mike (Marge) Schad that Grove City, Ohio, Jeanine Ryan of Rochester, Virginia (Dave) Carlson of St. Michael, Suzanne (Jim) smith of Salt Lake City, Utah, Tom Schad the Burnsville, Loretta (John Hendrickson) Gosse that Bloomington.