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PONY (포니) is a South oriental beauty vlogger. She does makeup tutorials on YouTube and also is the makeup artist for CL.

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Stage Name: PONY (포니)Birth Name: Park Hye Min (박혜민)Birthday: January 22nd, 1989Zodiac Sign: AquariusHeight: 153 cm (5’0″)Weight: –Blood Type: ANationality: KoreanInstagram:
ponysmakeupYouTube: PONY Syndrome

PONY Facts:Family: Dad, mom, and older brother.– She has gained much popularity thanks to its advantageous tutorials of makeup and also fresh personality.– as well as the tutorials uploaded come her an individual YouTube channel, she uploaded videos for InsiteTV.– She has actually her very own line of assembly “PONY EFFECT”.– She is the personal makeup artist for CL previously of 2NE1, she confirmed it in among her videos.– She keeps her exclusive life very secret.– She is a vegetarian.– She supplied to it is in an ulzzang.– She loves to take it photos and also considers it s her a good photographer.– Her personal YouTube channel has actually exceeded one million subscribers.– She has actually 4 cats named Knit, Bamboo, Bum, and Noru.– Pony started her very first makeup blog in 2008, on a website referred to as ‘Cyworld’ whereby she cataloged various ranges of makeup tutorials, product reviews and outfit photos.– In February 2015, she started her YouTube channel, not realizing that it would thrive.– In one interview with Soompi, a korean pop culture website, Pony explained that she went to university to become a graphics designer since she had always had a enthusiasm for drawing. After university, she functioned in an office because that a time but was never truly committed to it.– She’s written and also published a complete of four books around beauty, however, they room only accessible in Korean.– She has two tattoos, one on every wrist; a crescent moon ~ above the right and also the Latin native “vi veri veniversum vivus vici” on the left.– She loves acquisition pictures and also considers it s her a great photographer.– functioned with Dior makeup.– Announced her marriage to her long-time boyfriend in may 2017 on she account.– Is nearby friends with former Wonder Girls‘ member Yeeun and also DNCE member Jinjoo.– Her very first song is referred to as “Outta my Mind” and it was released in 2018.– She exit her second song ‘Divine’ top top September 27th, 2019.

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