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Location HoursMonday-Thursday, 8:30 am-7:30 pm; Friday, 8:30 am-5 pmGeneral call Infowww.parentsplaceonline.orgparentsplacepeninsula 359-2454voiceSan Francisco(650) 688-3040voicePalo Alto(650) 931-1840voiceSan Mateo(650) 330-0866faxSpecific ContactGayle ZahlerInterim regional DirectorPhysical Address200 Channing AvenuePalo Alto,CA94301Mailing AddressJFCS parents Place200 Channing AvenuePalo Alto,CA94301Service CategoriesCareEducationMore EducationSupported EmploymentSpecial EducationTutoring
Family source center because that parents and also children.Description:A family resource center the serves families and also children of all ages. Provides playgroups for parents and children to to visit together, as well as a wide range of parenting classes and also workshops. Likewise offers separation, personal, instance consultations and counseling for parents and children, socialization skills groups for children age 3-12, community service programs because that teens and also a bulletin plank for parental seeking caregivers and also caregivers seek employment. Speak to for additional information or to obtain a copy the the quarterly calendar/newsletter. An additional branch offer the midpeninsula and also north peninsula is located at 2001 Winward Way, san Mateo (650-931-1840).Location
Service OptionsAccessibility Options:Disabled RestroomWheelchairServicesFees:Vary according to income and service. Cash, Medi-Cal (for clinical services), and private insurance accepted.Audience:Children period 18 or younger and their familiesEligibility:NoneHow come Apply:Walk in or apply by phone call or mail.Service Wait Estimate:No wait.Service Areas:Marin CountySan Francisco CountySan Mateo CountySanta Clara County


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