I"ve been pleasantly surprised via Panic! at the Disco"s songs that weren"t the lead singles. There were plenty of excellent singles--sure--however I wasn"t thrilled by the lyrics. Now, I"m kind of freakin" out over how good the album sounds. Death of a Bachelorsounds legit, and also I"m loving it. There"s most throwago sound on right here, and also I"ve really been enjoying that. But I"ve additionally been enjoying the energy put into the singing; Brendon Urie"s been doing an excellent project of making that energy effective.

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"Golden Days" is the 8th song on Panic! at the Disco"s Death of a Bachelor album that was released on January 1fifth. The song is around the "gold days" and also things changing and also greying as time goes on. It"s a small sad, yet also touches on a crucial design template, among the more solemn and lasting themes, I think, touched upon in Death of a Bachelor thus much.

The Meaning of "Golden Days" by Panic! at the Disco

In the initially verse,Urie starts the song"s retroenergetic flashearlier. He sings, "I found a pile of Polaroids / In the cprices of a record shop / They were sex-sexy looking ago / From a night that time foracquired." This song is around looking at the past and looking onto a future that does not sheight coming at us.

The initially 4 lines below describe the previous and look ago fondly at a couple from 1979. Urie says the male "was something" and a "debonair" (stylish, good-looking, suave). The girl had "Farrah Fawcett hair," and they both were drinking "blood red wine" from "arafes." The guy beingcalled debonair and the woguy being compared to Farrah Fawcett suggest they were great at being "cool" in 1979. They were "on top of their game."

Thepre-chorusis a repetition of the line "In the summertime." Sometimeswhen world look ago to the great ol" days, they"ll say something favor "in the summer of "89" or "that one summer we went approximately the lake." Based on thispractice, itmakes sense that the times Urie is romanticizing would certainly be in the summer, and it likewise matches the hook("Golden days" repetitive numerous times). Imagine the "gold summer days"--the warmth, yellow-and-oarray summer days--as an alternative title.

Thechorusbrings points right into the current and also brings the self-reflective question via it. Urie asks, "Oh, do not you wonder when the light starts to fade?" He"s not certain as soon as it taken place, yet things are founding to shed their glimmer and, looking back, he realizes that he"s no longer living in the "golden days."

He sings that "the clock


While he desires to be "orever young," he"s "rowing older just the same." Of course,when we think of the previous, it doesn"t adjust in our minds: "All the memories that we make will certainly never readjust / We"ll stay drunk, we"ll continue to be tan, let the love reprimary." "We"ll still have those memories," he"s saying, "and also we don"t have to worry around them." He finishes the chorus by singing, "And I swear that I"ll constantly paint you," and launches into the hook: "Golden days."

We"ve found that Urie is dealing with these memories as a painting that fades as time goes on (somepoint that all paints do). But he will certainly proceed to repaint them as the "golden days," wonderful times of youth and also passion.

Interestingly, Urie leaves open the question of whether he"s repainting them accurately. Is he romanticizing prefer in "Don"t Thrconsumed Me with a Good Time"? Or is he just saying that he keeps the memories colorful and also accurate? It"d be exciting to know whether he"s remembering them as they are or embellishing memories to make them feel better; I"m not sure. Please comment listed below via your opinion.

In the second verse,Urie sings, "I bet they met some diplomats on Bianca Jagger"s brand-new yacht / With their caviar and also dead cigars / The air was sauna warm." This might intend that the polaroid photo is a recommendation to someone concerned Mick Jagger. Genius.com says that the couple was Mick and Bianca Jagger, however in 1979 they were already divorced according to Wikipedia.

The verse goes on: "I bet they never even believed about / The glitter dancing on the skin / The years can have waburned it out." When a perkid sweats, he glimmers a tiny, and also it can look prefer glitter as Urie has actually pointed out right here."As the flashes popped like pins" is a referral to camages or the papparazzi, but the flashes are as small as "pins" because there are so many of them, and the point-of-watch has to be far away to take in every one of them. Unfortunately, the years and also age have actually taken amethod some of the vitality of that moment, and also this image also is start to fade.

The last unique stanza in the song is the bridge.In it, Urie sings, "Time have the right to never break your heart / But it"ll take the pain away." Time has passed because the glory days for the couple stated in the initially verse, and also they still remember their vitality. Thankcompletely for them, their distance from various other occasions or the truth that they"ve stayed in the "days after" the glory days indicates the sting has decreased.

And finally, Urie transforms his emphasis to the future: "Right currently our future"s specific / I will not let it fade amethod." He"s saying that while the past has faded, he"s going to rotate his attention to the future and also to not let it dull prior to it has actually also happened. The substantial difference is that the future is specific and possibly much less amazing than the past. It, more than anything, needs to be protected because where a person"s going can be changed. He"s gained to be ready to store it safe for the "us" he"s talking around.


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