Ozark trail Two-Person Cot tent is a urgent camping device for off-ground sleeping with a full-coverage fly and vestibules for the gear storage.

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Ozark follow Two-Person Cot Tent.

Key attributes & benefits

Collapsible design.Easy setup.Very great price.Gear loft included.Carry bag included.Water-resistant.


What type of a cot-tent is this

Here you have a twin cot-tent through a collapsible design. This method that the setup is easy and also the assembly is easy. Only the time poles have to be attached, the bed you simply spread. The structure is very comparable to the Kamp Rite Compact double Tent Cot.

Obviously, this is a double-size tent cot and I have contained it in my perform of double cot-tents.

The double size bed is with 9 foot so the weight is distributed and also you have plastic cups and this is a floor-friendly design. Over there is likewise a mesh loft included and it is addressed under the cot so you can store some of your items and have them turn off the ground and totally protected. The whole system comes in a carry bag.

The mesh loft is included.

The fly is the full-coverage form and it goes all the means to the ground and also you have the right to stake it under properly and also secure versus the wind. This enables for numerous storage space. There are two doors on the sides and also the outer doors role up and also you settle them to the fly.

Regarding the rain protection, note that the fly is water-resistant however not completely waterproof. For this reason I would certainly not go with this tool in one area where lots of rain is expected. Top top the other hand, if you use it without the fly, you will gain sleeping under the stars and you will be completely protected indigenous the bugs and additionally from any type of objects ~ above the ground, the photo below shows just how this may look like.

The cot-tent presented without the fly.

Who is it for

Weight-wise, you have actually a tool that weighs 40 lb (18.14 kg), therefore this may look a lot but this is a two-person tent-cot. Friend will view in the comparison table below how it stands in comparison through other comparable tools, and you will certainly realize this weight is fairly normal.

Capacity-wise, it supports up to 450 lb (204 kg) therefore this is reduced than several of its rivals shown in the to compare table below.

Seasons-wise and also climate-wise, I already mentioned the concern of waterproofness so this sleeping system is for camping in the locations without lot rain, if any. Because that such a use, you have the right to keep the vestibules open and also you will always have sufficient air circulation. So for a summer camping without rain, this is a an excellent tool.

In the case of cold-weather camping, the complying with things to suggest out. Again, stop rainy situations, and avoid the snow. The poles space fiberglass and also although the framework looks strong, I would not expose them to lot vertical pressure. You space well off-the-ground and even v a modest R-value sleeping pad, you will certainly be fine. This is surely much better than sleeping on the soil in any kind of tent regardless of just how good.

Size-wise, you have the bed i m sorry is 79 x 58 inch (201 x 147 cm) so these space quite good dimensions and also you definitely have enough an are for two users. Have seen many civilization mixing the tent dimension with the bed size. Therefore the time goes around and creates little vestibules and this is the dimension 8.1 x 8.1 ft discussed on Amazon.

The packed size is around (L x D) 50 x 11 customs (127 x 28 cm), so this is a bulky item. However again, you will see it below compared with various other cot-tents and you will certainly realize this is fairly a typical packed size.

Note that there is a bar in the middle so it separates the bed into two sections. If you use it solo you will sleep on either of the two sides and you have the right to use the other half for your gear.

All in all, this is a tool for vehicle camping, huge enough for 2 people but it have the right to be used additionally as a solo tent-cot.

With the closeup of the door fly, you have actually lots of safeguarded storage space.

Note that this structure is quite similar to this timber Ridge 2 Person rapid Setup full Fly Cot Tent.

Do you need a pad

For summer camping you execute not need any kind of pad, yet you could want to usage one because that extra comfort. Please examine my list through some optimal quality double sleeping pads.

In a cold environment, you will certainly surely require one. But being off the ground friend need much less insulation as compared with the resting on the ground. Roughly speaking and dependent top top the kind of the ground, you lose roughly 50 times much more body warmth to the floor (if you sleep ~ above the ground) than to the wait under girlfriend if girlfriend sleep turn off the floor on such a cot.

A resting pad, if thick enough, will likewise save girlfriend from the central bar which goes follow me the bed from the head to the feet area.

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With a double pad you can want a dual sleeping bag and this also if you usage this mechanism solo. Ns am a bit claustrophobic so ns use twin bags at any time possible, and this is only for automobile camping of course. So examine my list v the best dual sleeping bags for automobile camping.

Rating, pros & cons

Please see just how I price this Ozark trace Two-Person Cot Tent versus my standard collection of parameters: