Throughout the Scriptures we see the underlying layout of a God who time and also time aget deals mercitotally with his world. From Genesis to Revelation – the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Solomon, the Prophets, the Apostles, and the Rereputed is praised for dealing compassionately via his human being. The prophet Micah recounts of God's pardoning mercy in the following passage:Who is a God favor you, pardoning iniquity    and also passing over transgression    for the remnant of his inheritance?He does not retain his anger forever before,    because he delights in steadrapid love.He will again have compassion on us;    he will tread our iniquities underfoot.You will certainly actors all our sins    right into the depths of the sea.You will show faithfulness to Jacob    and steadrapid love to Abraham,as you have sworn to our fathers    from the days of old. – Micah 7:18-20Undoubtedly, tright here is no god prefer our just and also loving God, that has actually forprovided our iniquities. But we should also see that this glorious pardon comes at a grievous price. Our atonement comes with the substitutionary sacrifice of Christ. This Sunday we will gather to remember this gospel; the excellent news that God's mercy is stronger than the darkness.At the finish of the service I will certainly be leading our church in a song that offers voice to these incredibly truths checked out in Micah, a new song titled "His Mercy is More." I encourage you to take a moment to reflect upon these powerful lyrics and even watch the video listed below. A revelation of God's character implores a response from his world. Yes, our sins are many type of, but his mercy is more. Let us praise the Lord together! I look forward to worshiping via you.VERSE 1What love could remember no wrongs we have doneOmniscient, all knowing, he counts not their sumThrown right into a sea without bottom or shoreOur sins they are many, his mercy is more VERSE 2What patience would wait as we constantly roamWhat father, so tender, is calling us homeHe welcomes the weakest, the vilest, the poorOur sins they are many type of, his mercy is more VERSE 3What wealth of kindness he laviburned on usHis blood was the payment, his life was the costWe stood 'neath a debt we might never before affordOur sins they are many type of, his mercy is more CHORUSWorship the LordHis mercy is moreStronger than darkness, brand-new eincredibly mornOur sins they are many type of, his mercy is more Written by Matt Papa (ASCAP), Matt Boswell (BMI) © 2016 Common Hymnal Publishing (ASCAP), Love Your Enemies Music (ASCAP), Matt Boswell's BMI Publishing Designee (BMI).  

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Elizabeth Perilloux

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What an expression of worship this song is! My heart is melted by the words and my eyes circulation via tears of love for and to my gracious Father, God, and also His beloved Son Jesus the Christ. Thank you.

I add my "Amen!" with tears of thankfulness and longing. Longing to watch my Savior and, so, be choose Him for I shall check out Him as He is: Savior, King, Shepherd, Victorious Lord! ‘If my covenant through day and night wasn’t in working order, if sky and also earth weren’t functioning the means I set them going, then, however just then, you could think I had disowned the descendants of Jacob and of my servant David, and that I wouldn’t put up any type of of David’s descendants over the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. But as it is, I will certainly offer them earlier everything they’ve shed. The last word is, I will have mercy on them.’ Jeremiah 33:25-26 For all the days I forgain to current myself to You a living sacrifice... for all the methods I"ve resisted Your transdeveloping power, and also let my mind wallow in the people... For all the times I doubt that Your will certainly is neither excellent, acceptable or perfect, oh my God, foroffer me! When I am negligent You show mercy. When I am rebellious, in Your mercy You host me tight. When I doubt, mercy leads me earlier to You. Oh wondrous Lord! affluent in mercy! RICH! You have actually no absence of mercy, No drought as Your repentant kids cleanse their hearts in the fountain flowing from Your Being. Your Being is Mercy: the Origin, the Source, the Fountainhead! and I can concerned ease my arid soul, for You will certainly not rotate Your thirsty child ameans. You display mercy to the forgetful, the rebellious, the doubter. As sudepend as You showed Your wounded self in mercy to Thomregarding quell his doubt and also create his confidence, You quell and also forge in me. More than 10,000 years of mercy and it is as bountiful today as yesterday. Thank you, O my Lord Jehovah, by Your plentiful mercy You planned my salvation in eternity previous, picking me in the Beloved. In Your tender mercy You delivered me from the power of darkness and also brought me to the kingdom of the Son You love. And when I stand before Your throne I shall not are afraid ~ You have ordained mercy to triumph over the judgement of Your kid. All Your means toward me are suggests to convey Mercy. I am carried by Your mercy, mercy ministers my heart. It is mercy that leads my wandering feet back to the Mercy seat wright here You, God of mercy, wait for me.