Our tiny Family is a fact show about a household of small people. Dan and Michelle Hamill room the stars of the show along with their 3 children. The present follows the household as they participate in their everyday tasks and confront the struggles of gift a small person.

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The Hamills look earlier over the show"s finest moments native the previous two seasons. They answer viewer questions, Uncle J pays a surprise visit, and Dan and also Michelle play a an overwhelming game.

The Hamills hit the road for their best adventure yet: new York City! passionate to experience the expedition through her children"s eyes, Michelle to plan an itinerary full of exciting surprises -- culminating in a breathtaking occasion for the whole family.

The Hamills space busier than ever. Michelle readies the residence for a visit indigenous old friends and also their EIGHT children, when Jack celebrate his 7th birthday with a pirate-themed party. This all leaves Dan wishing that hadn"t handled a task for a neighbor!
The Hamills prepare to celebrate two big holidays: Canada Day and the fourth of July. Dan and also Michelle reminisce about the story of their romance, and they plan a fun dual date. However when Uncle J babysits, he gives the kids a surprise they"ll never ever forget!
Michelle considers what life would be favor to have one more child as soon as her sister-in-law is expecting. Meanwhile, Jack"s uncle teaches him how to record Maryland crabs.
Michelle and the kids arrangement the ultimate Father"s Day for Dan, and also Jack secretly gets his dad"s help to progressive money for a gift.
Dan desires to walk skydiving. Meanwhile, Michelle take away a cooking class and signs the twins up because that ballet lessons.
The Hamills decision to shot a healthier diet to save weight off their joints. Michelle trains as she gets all set for her first 5km run. Dan do the efforts to convince Jack to take component in a golf competition for tiny people.
In the second season premiere, Jen"s Mother"s job is invested in the hospital. Bill and also Will attempt to make it memorable through some unique surprises because that her.

Our small Family is a reality show around a family members of small people. Dan and Michelle Hamill room the stars the the show along with their three children. The show follows the family members as they take part in your everyday activities and face the battles of being a small person.

Our small Family is a series that is at this time running and has 2 periods (17 episodes). The series first aired top top February 17, 2015.

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Where to watch Our little Family

Our little Family is easily accessible for streaming on the TLC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can likewise watch Our tiny Family on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, TLC, Google Play and Apple TV.