I desire to study various translations of Bible and compare castle to bible in Hebrew and also Greek. Can any type of one call me where deserve to I discover the images of original Biblical manuscripts online?



The original manuscripts room not thought to be in existence any kind of more, and also most manuscripts us do have aren"t quickly accessible. Yet some necessary ones can be perceived online:

Because there room so countless manuscripts, many scholars depend on an important texts: the editors of this texts choose which variations they think space most likely to be authentic, and then in footnotes perform the alternatives and i m sorry manuscripts support each. The many widely regarded critical text because that the brand-new Testament is the Nestle-Aland, whose text have the right to be read online, but without the crucial apparatus (footnotes). It looks prefer this:


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As others have said, the original manuscripts no much longer exist. But the facility for the research of brand-new Testament Manuscripts is making an initiative to photograph extant Greek manuscripts and make them easily accessible for study. Many of the manuscripts space fragments, but some space complete publications of the brand-new Testament. The photographs the are available online room high resolution.

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Here is a sample:


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With regards to Greek:There are countless places you can find manuscripts together is pointed out in the other answers.One no mentioned before and very complete, return you need special perissions to get access to most manuscripts, is institute for brand-new Testament Textual research (Institut für Neutestamentliche Textforschung, INTF)

BUT the best and easiest means for one human being (as in less than a team that 50 people) to look at the biggest amount of manuscripts available would be to usage something like the CNTTS database i m sorry is available in BibleWorks 9 and Accordance 10/11.

This reflects all alters (as judged through the collators that course) between all the appropriate manuscripts which have been collated by them in ~ this point.

So it is subject to a few points though:

Only a smaller fraction of the 5000+ manuscripts dates of manuscripts have actually been collated.The days given for manuscripts are subject come the judgment of the collators, so for instance they date the second century Peshitto lot later following Wescott & Hort"s theories.

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Things favor these. To obtain a an excellent bearing on how to approach this civilization of textual criticism, read Dean john William Burgon"s books.