I have actually a table referred to as Cos and the dataform of Amt is Float and sample data looks like:

Acct Period F_year AmtDetf 1 2011 NullDetf 2 2011 NullDetf 3 2011 1669.57FTE 1 2011 3205.11FTE 2 2011 0FTE 3 2011 NullI created a query like:

Select Acct,Period,F_year, Sum(AMT) as Amtfrom dbo.CosGroup By Acct,Period,F_yearWhere Amt is not nullBut i am acquiring this error:

Msg 8117, Level 16, State 1, Line 1Operand also data kind varchar is invalid for amount operator.Can anyone aid me?


Try doing this:

Select Acct,Period,F_year, Sum(isnull(cast(AMT as float),0)) as Amtfrom dbo.CosGroup By Acct,Period,F_year


Apparently, the value "1669.57" is a string. So what does it mean to add this value to another?

The error message is correct: It"s not valid to include text worths together. If it was valid, I could not tell what the result need to be.

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You should either readjust your column type to a numeric type, or convert it somejust how prior to trying to include it.


If Amt is intfinished to be provided for mathematical operations, then it must be kind Decimal and also not varchar.



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