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Stem Modifications

Some plant species have amendment stems that are especially suited to a certain habitat and also environment. A rhizome is a modified stem the grows horizontally underground; it has actually nodes and internodes. Vertical shoots might arise native the buds on the rhizome of some plants, such as ginger and ferns. Corms are similar to rhizomes, other than they are more rounded and also fleshy (such together in gladiolus). Corms contain save on computer food that enables some tree to make it through the winter. Stolons are stems that run virtually parallel to the ground, or just listed below the surface, and also can provide rise to new plants in ~ the nodes. Runners room a kind of stolon that runs above the ground and produces brand-new clone tree at nodes at differing intervals: strawberries space an example. Tubers space modified stems that may store starch, as checked out in the potato. Tubers arise as swollen end of stolons, and also contain many adventitious or unusual buds (familiar to us as the “eyes” on potatoes). A bulb, which attributes as one underground warehouse unit, is a alteration of a stem that has the figure of enlarged fleshy leaves arising from the stem or surrounding the base of the stem, as checked out in the iris.

Figure (PageIndex1): Stem modifications: Stem modifications permit plants to flourish in a selection of environments. Shown are (a) ginger (Zingiber officinale) rhizomes, (b) a carrion flower (Amorphophallus titanum) corm (c) Rhodes grass (Chloris gayana) stolons, (d) strawberry (Fragaria ananassa) runners, (e) potato (Solanum tuberosum) tubers, and also (f) red onion (Allium) bulbs.

Modifications come the aerial stems, vegetative buds, and floral buds of plants perform features such together climbing, protection, and synthesis of food vegetative propagation. Aerial adjustments of stems include the following:

Figure (PageIndex1): Aerial changes of stems: uncovered in southeastern unified States, (a) buckwheat vine (Brunnichia ovata) is a weedy plant that climbs with the aid of tendrils. This one is presented climbing up a wooden stake. (b) Thorns are modified branches. Tendrils room slender, twine strands that enable a plant (like the buckwheat vine) to seek support by climbing on various other surfaces. This may develop from one of two people the axillary bud or the terminal bud of the stem. Thorns space modified branches appearing as hard, woody, spicy outgrowths that defend the plant; typical examples incorporate roses, osage orange, and devil’s walking stick. Bulbils room axillary buds that have become fleshy and rounded because of storage that food. They become detached indigenous the plant, loss on ground and develop into a new plant. Cladodes are environment-friendly branches of restricted growth (usually one internode long) which have taken up the attributes of photosynthesis.


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