Top music plot One Direction films video for "Drag Me Down" at NASA"s Johnson space Center Houston
One Direction in ~ NASA"s JSC (Columbia Records)
It"s constantly nice once Houston gets optimistic attention. Like any kind of city, it has its haters.So when the news come out that English-Irish pop boy band One Direction filmed a new video in ~ NASA"s Johnson room Center in Houston, there to be some optimistic attention for room City.But it"s also an excellent news for NASA in general. Outside of the International space Station, there is no manned room travel since the an are shuttle routine was cancelled. Budget cuts have actually slowed down other efforts. Currently it"s the era of the Jet Propulsion Lab"s Pluto probes/Mars rovers, private companies favor SpaceX and paying for Russian Soyuz rides to the ISS.And the public"s attention in space doesn"t seem to be as high as in the past when astronauts were rocketing through the sky to brand-new horizons.Just a few weeks earlier at an are Center Houston, ns was top top the NASA tourism tram once I overheard a mrs in her early 20"s sitting behind me revolve to she friend and also asked what"s the allude of this room travel? She felt the seemed prefer bragging rights of one aging superpower. There were surely much more important problems we could be focusing down here. NASA, we have a PR problem.I want to turn around and also say you can probably give thanks to the Apollo program for laying the groundwork that the the phone you space texting on today. Youthful ambivalence about space exploration is a far cry from once I was a boy in the 80s. Many thanks to the shuttles, NASA was a huge presence in a child"s life ago then. Questioning a child what they want to be when they flourished up ago then and astronaut would more than likely be one of the preferred gigs.No, ns wasn"t around in the 60s, yet that plainly was a big time for an are travel. The Cold War v the Soviet Union aided gin up the public"s interest in the space race. Hear to this fast ABC News broadcast on 99.1 KODA-FM indigenous 1964 come hear an ext perspective on that.So maybe in a way, having 1D"s heartthrob harry Styles and crew to sing "Drag Me Down" along side the NASA T-38 aircraft jets and the WB-57 High Altitude study Aircraft, will aid the group"s young audience evaluate NASA and also humankind"s long desire to check out the depths of ours galaxy. Could it even get youngsters into STEM education and learning you hear therefore much around in the media?Or will certainly they merely think Style"s playful interaction with Robonaut, a human-like robot that is likewise on the ISS, is totally YOLO.Hey, any kind of word if One Direction music will be sent out with the Orion crew to Mars?Since I"m talking space news. Ns was simply at room Center Houston critical week and took this photograph of the brand-new space spaceship replica freedom that will certainly be open up for public view January 2016.

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This will conserve me the pilgrimage to new York to see another "space shuttle."
We obtain the Independence an are shuttle replica in ~ #spacecenterhouston in January 2016! There will be one exhibit inside unlike the one in brand-new York. #Houston #NASA
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