“Run-Around”, the lead single from Blues Traveler’s fourth album, was your breakout fight – reaching #8 in the summer the 1995. The was created by man Popper about his unrequited… check out More 

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Oh, as soon as upon a midnight dearieI woke through something in mine headI couldn't escape the memoryOf a phone call call and of what girlfriend saidLike a game show contestant v a parting giftI could not think my eyesWhen ns saw v the voice that a reliable friendWho demands to humor me and tell me liesYeah, feeling me and tell me liesAnd I'll lie too and say i don't mindAnd together we seek, therefore shall we findAnd as soon as you're feeling open, I'll still be hereBut not without a particular degree the fearOf what will be through you and also meI still have the right to see points hopefullyBut youWhy you wanna give me a run-around?Is that a sure-fire means to rate things upWhen all it go is slow-moving me down?And shower me and my confidence'Bout a an excellent many thingsBut I've to be there, I can see that cowerLike a nervous magician wait in the wingsOf a bad play where the heroes are rightAnd nobody thinks or expects too muchAnd Hollywood's calling because that the movie rightsSinging, "Hey babe, let's save in touchHey baby, let's keep in touch"But i want more than a touch, I want you to reach meAnd present me every the points no one else deserve to seeSo what you feel becomes mine together wellAnd quickly if we're lucky, we'd be unable to tellWhat's yours and mine, the fishing's fineAnd it doesn't have to rhyme, so don't you feed me a lineBut youWhy girlfriend wanna give me a run-around?Is it a sure-fire way to rate things upWhen every it does is slow me down?Ha la la la, bombardier, this is the pilot speakingAnd I acquired some news for youIt appears my delivery still stand no issue what girlfriend dropAnd there ain't a entirety lot the you have the right to doOh sure, the banner may be torn and the wind's acquired colderPerhaps I've grown a tiny cynicalBut I know no matter what the waitress bringsI shall drink in and always be fullYeah, I will certainly drink in and constantly be full

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Oh, I like coffee and also I like teaLike to be able to enter a last pleaI still obtained this dream that you simply can't shakeI love you come the suggest you have the right to no much longer takeWell, every right, okay, so be that wayI hope and also pray the there's something left to sayBut youWhy friend wanna offer me a run-around?Is the a sure-fire means to speed things upWhen all it go is slow-moving me down?Oh, youWhy you wanna give me a run-around?Is that a sure-fire means to speed things upWhen all it does is slow-moving me down?