“Scarlet Begonias” is the stand-out masterpiece of 1974’s native the Mars Hotel. The song has actually a Caribbean feel the Garcia would later on relate to Paul Simon’s “Me and also Julio Down… check out More 

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As ns was walking ring Grosvenor SquareNot a chill come the winterBut a nip come the airFrom the other directionShe was calling my eyeIt can be one illusionBut i might as well tryMight too tryShe had actually rings on she fingers andBells on she shoesAnd i knew without asking she wasInto the bluesShe wore scarlet begoniasTucked right into her curlsI knew right awayShe was not like other girlsOther girlsIn the thick of the eveningWhen the dealing acquired roughShe was also pat come openAnd also cool to bluffAs i picked up my matches andWas closing the doorI had actually one that those flashes:I'd to be there beforeBeen there before
I ain't frequently rightBut I've never been wrongIt hardly ever turns out the wayIt go in the songOnce in a whileYou get displayed the lightIn the strangest of placesIf you look in ~ it rightWell, there ain't nothing wrongWith the means she movesOr scarlet begonias or aTouch of the bluesAnd there's nothing not correct withThe look that's in she eyeI had to find out the hard wayTo allow her happen byLet her happen byThe wind in the willows played tea for twoThe skies was yellow and also the sun was blueStrangers stopping strangersJust to shake your handEverybody's playingIn the love of yellow BandHeart of yellow Band
“Scarlet Begonias” is the stand-out masterpiece of 1974’s native the Mars Hotel. The song has a Caribbean feel that Garcia would later on relate to Paul Simon’s “Me and Julio under by the Schoolyard.” an acoustic track done electronically, Hunter created the lyrics – i m sorry echo the brother nursery rhyme “Ride a prick Horse to Banbury Cross” – while life in England. Whether his references are expected to suggest to Queen Elizabeth or Lady Godiva, the lady through the flower was one of Hunter’s most exquisitely romantic objects the desire, a pursuit destined come fail.



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The thankful Dead, Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, bill Kreutzmann, Keith Godchaux & Donna Jean Godchaux