After attending 3 evenings' worth of balls at the royal palace, Cinderella explains her ambivalence about the prince who has expressed interest in her.This, alongside “I… Read More 

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He's a really smart PrinceHe's a Prince that preparesKnowing this time I'd run from himHe spread pitch on the stairsI was captured unawaresAnd I thought, well, he caresThis is even more than simply maliceBetter stop and also take stock while you're standing right here stuckOn the steps of the palaceYou think, what do you want?You think, make a decision!Why not remain and be caught?You think, well it's a thoughtWhat would be his response?But then what if he knew who you wereWhen you know that you're not what he thinks that he wants?And then what if you areWhat a Prince would certainly envision?Although how have the right to you recognize who you areTill you know what you desire, which you don'tSo then which execute you pick:

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While you're safe out of sightAnd yourself, yet wbelow everything's wrongOr wright here everything's rightAnd you understand that you'll never before belong?And whichever before you pick, carry out it quickCause you're beginning to stickTo the procedures of the palace!It's your initially big decisionThe alternative isn't simple to makeTo arrive at a Ball is interesting and allOnce you're tbelow, though, it's scaryAnd it's fun to deceive when you understand you have the right to leaveBut you have to be waryThere's a lot that's at stake, but you've stalled lengthy enoughCausage you're still standing stuck on the stuff on the stepsBetter run along home!And protect against the collisionEven though they don't treatment, you'll be better off thereWright here there's nopoint to pick, so there's nopoint to loseSo you pry up your shoes...Then from out of the blueAnd without any type of guideYou understand what your decision isWhich is not to decideYou'll just leave him a clueFor example: a shoeAnd then see what he'll doNow it's he and also not you that is stuck with the shoeIn a stewIn the gooAnd you've learned somepoint tooSomepoint you never knewOn the procedures of the Palace!