Fuck the law, they have the right to eat my dick, that\"s word come PimpHol up(You are currently listening to operation the Jewels 2)Fuck the law, they deserve to eat my dick, that\"s word to PimpI don\"t fuck v or talk, choose all these fuckin\" impsStyle violent, offer a posesthe if you refuse it, kidsYou deserve to all operation naked backwards with a ar of dicksFuck the world, don\"t ask me because that shit, that\"s word come B.I.GI dreamt we owned the world, however I\"ve woken up and it don\"t exist, Soak the in, I need no assist, friend can\"t slap mine wrist, ns don\"t fan you shitTrust me, I\"m a doctorDOOM, oper-Rate of mine pulse, won\"t progressive a bit

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Tip-toe top top the track like a ballerinaSki mask, in a Pontiac CatalinaIt\"s obese, mrs opera singerYou can run the jewels, or lose your fingersMe and also El-P obtained time come kill, got folks to kill, top top overkillHe hangin\" the end the window, I hold the wheelOne black, one white, us shoot come killThat fuckboy life around to be repealedThat fuckboy shit about to it is in repelled fuckboy Jihad, kill infidelsAllah Akbar, eight from Mike and also El

Life is hell, death\"s a bitch and these fubar rulers acquiring richI cop a zip, it opens up, ns smoke it up, walk home and fuckC\"est la vie girl, as soon as in RomeI provided the face, you re welcome pay v domeMy service card claims you\"re in luckI carry out two things, ns rap and also fuck
i fuck and rapI carry the strap, i smoke the kush, ns beat the pussI review the books, walk the mathDon\"t require a preacher preachin\" on my behalfNo teacher deserve to teach mine arrogant assI\"m blowin\" on crippy while readin\" engravings that\"s written by Egyptians and sippin\" ~ above whiskeyAy, infant you with me?
We run this spot like a Chinese sweatshopDon\"t stop, job-related it work-related it it spins chest popCardiac arrested, I\"m so invested I\"m self-invented, the no illusion, there\"s no man you watch the future, you are afraid the futureI\"ve viewed the truth and also I\"m for this reason deludedI been a far better bad guy than ns been far better than badBeen a little a bully speak beating in my chest in factI\"m a fifty percent stack indigenous a rackI been approximately the block, babe, I understand a couple of factsManiac, brainiac, operation go tell them thatATLien, NY felon rap
manage me dorn I\"m snappin\"Show increase at your class, what\"s happenin\"?Schoolyard bully through a completely automaticHeart full of pain and a head complete of havocEverybody stepped on the kid and I\"m letting them have itHavocLeaving they momma come say \"what happened?\"Who gon purchase my infant a casket?Fuck that bitch I\"m a bastard
Megablast, I\"m mega litOn Highway 6 and also I\"m not strapped inI don\"t crash, bitch, I just skidYou acquired the cash, I\"ll make the tripI do the trip, you far better payDone worse for less, don\"t do my dayI\"m no from Earth, from far awayI bust v chests favor baby greys

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Runnin\" the jewels of the gameWhippin\" the mix is like chickens of \"caineSpittin\" the sentence againParents is livid againKids is simply fuckin\" insanePointin\" the pistol and also fist because that the chainReppin the symbol favor they in a gangDelivery dope choose a dosage that dope or a noseful the coke for a junkie or fiend