I am attempting to go into Nuka World, however every enntrance gate to the transit is taken into consideration out that the map, and also there is an invisible barrier. How do I gain into Nuka World?



I entered Nuka people last night. The Nuka-World Transit facility is means to the west edge of the map.


I quick traveled to the Lonely Chapel to its northeast, and just walked right up come it. There"s a highway that leads into the main entrance.

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I didn"t desire to enter the key entrance, since there were adversaries there and also I was making use of a stealth character, however I uncovered a gap in the fence come the north of the key entrance.

Here"s a video clip on YouTube of someone approaching the transit facility from the Sunshine Tidings Co-Op. The transit facility comes right into view about 4:40.

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answered Aug 31 "16 at 1:21


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I was having the same issue however I discovered if i deleted the regrowth overhaul mode I had the ability to walk appropriate through

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reply Nov 11 "17 in ~ 8:12

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Hey guys have actually you tried to "fly" there through a brotherhood ship.Im do the efforts to check out if that works if that does ill inform you guys.

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answered Sep 10 "16 at 21:22

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I"ve established a street! Go with the dark green obstacles on the map it will certainly let u through!

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reply Oct 26 "16 in ~ 22:34
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