After a week or two away native the game because of finals I've come earlier and resumed mine 100% critical series chronological run. Ns was ~ above No Heart once I left off - I've to win the Mysterious figure already.

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God, carry out I hate this boss.

It's simply spamming commands and block and also hoping for the best. This has come to be my least favorite boss in the entire series, i m sorry is speak something through Dustflier being a thing that exists.

One hit and also you're screwed. If the video game decides to execute the wrong pattern, i beg your pardon it always does, video game over.


And I assumed I'd like this guy as result of the music.

My setup:

Ultima Weapon Lightbloom

Thunder surge x2 Curaga x3 Seeker Mine x2 Triple Firaga

Any help? Am ns doing other wrong? Is there a specific time I have to attack?


Ditch Curaga, you're pretty much overhealing and a really long cooldown until they are prepared again.

Stick with Cura, way faster cooldown and also it heals friend a good amount.

every boss has a particular time come attack. If you are simply spamming things then that is your problem. Pat tactically. Block and wait for an opening and only execute as much damage as you can fit without taking damage.

This. A crucial to beating a struggle is knowing the fight.

Know when and how that attacks. Recognize where he's weak and when he's not. Don't just spam, pay attention and learn.

He's really just all around timing, and also there really is no pattern to his movements. When he provides Dark Volley, block and throw them ago at him; it will certainly do damage and, if you have Heal Block, will gain back your health. When he throws Keyblades, dodge. Once he starts paris around, try and placed some distance between you and also Shotlock him. As soon as he start charging his nuke relocate - whereby he goes right into the air and charges prior to slamming down - gain OUT of THERE because it will certainly stun you, placed you in ~ one HP, and also drain all her command gauges. Very rarely have actually I lived through obtaining hit by this.

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Generally, don't even bother with default X-button swings. They take it too lot time and also he reacts as well quickly. I can replace among those Seeker Mines through Mine Square, since he's susceptible to moving so quickly and taking flight at random, which would certainly make your Seeker Mines just kind the spin around in vain before they fade out; Mine Square, in contrast, would continue to be in place for that to hope come earlier and expedition over.