I got my switch around 1 week earlier i have had no problems and then today i take it the end of mine dock and also i notification that the totality right side is contempt lifting off of the main cast. I have looked all over for a solution and when i go come Nintendo repairs over there is nothing around the display screen popping off. If you currently anything about this please assist thank girlfriend ( I have noticed the it happens when i play for a couple hours making the switch heat up)

Edited on Wed ninth August, 2017

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I wouldn"t also hesitate to speak to Nintendo, don"t try to settle anything that"s quiet under warranty, especially if what you execute to solve it voids the warranty

I have the very same thing with mine and have had due to the fact that launch. It"s no really the LCD screen but rather the touch display screen or digitizer the is in between you and also the really screen. Mine is more than likely only fifty percent a millimeter up from the remainder of the chasis but is noticeable in handheld setting when you run your thumb throughout it contrasted to the left side.The two best options are very first just contacting Nintendo and having them repair it themselves. You will certainly be the end your brand-new console for a week or so, yet it should arrive earlier to friend like brand-new possibly with a month or for this reason of added warranty.The second option is to resolve it yourself. The issue is an ext cosmetic 보다 anything and also involves the adhesive no bonding properly in between the digitizer and the chassis throughout the manufacturing process. The easiest resolve would it is in to seize a hair drier and on heat or maybe warm from a distance of a couple of inches go earlier and forth over that ar of the display screen a few times. After ~ doing so press and hold ~ above that ar of the sheet of the screen for several seconds to help it shortcut better. If this doesn"t work-related (which that should) there likely isn"t sufficient adhesive and you will want to have Nintendo perform the repair.

SadSnek you still acquired the receipt? bring it back to the save you bought the from. If castle don"t accept it, you can always contact Nintendo.

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Have friend been play it a many in docked mode? If for this reason this may be the problem I recommend taking breaks every couple hours and also let that sit for a few hours and also don"t save it in the dock 24/7. Additionally keep that ventilated you deserve to open the ago of the dock to assist ventilate it as well.

Now this might sound like a stupid idea yet maybe you deserve to pop it ago in. What you need to do is take it the delight con off the switch and also put some weight top top it then let the sit for a bit