The free-spending actor shed four residences to foreclosure (in Bel-Air, ras Vegas and also two nature in brand-new Orleans). He then sue his company manager for $20 million for allegedly leading him under a route to bankruptcy.

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Nicolas Cage transforms 51 today, and to memory his birthday, here’s a list of our height ten most absurd Nic Cage GIFs. The actor’s confront (off or on) easily displays the full range of person emotions, therefore he makes for some very entertaining moments.

Here’s to you, Nicolas Cage — every one of the various versions that you.

10. Screaming Nic Cage

9. Artsy Nic Cage

8. Enthusiastic Nic Cage

7. Dead-eye Nic Cage

6. Threaten Nic Cage

5. Pumped-up Nic Cage

4. Upset Nic Cage

3. Emotionally Nic Cage



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