My Nexus suddenly stopped charging indigenous the original wall surface charger. It happened periodically in the past and i fixed by just rebootinf the phone yet this time, no matter what ns do, it simply won't charge. The will but charge with any kind of other usb-c cable, just not the original. I tried clearing the cache, recalibrating the battery, booting in for sure mode, removing the lint from the carghing hole, nothing seems to work. What deserve to i do?

Edit: also, mine girlfriend has actually a Pixel 2. I tried she OEM on my phone, quiet nothing, but my Nexus's OEM functions on her phone. So ns can preeminence out a cable or a wall surface socket defect as the cause of the issue


I've had the same concern for the last pair of weeks - the initial USB-C come USB-C cable suddenly stopped working, but a typical USB to USB-C works fine (charges lot slower obviously). Will most likely buy a new cable and see if that functions hopefully, otherwise it's a brick issue.

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Try cleaning her port with among those flat plastic toothpicks that has floss ~ above the various other end. Perform the exact same for the cable.

This. There is more than likely lint in the charging port. Even if you think it's not lint, it's lint. This exact difficulty happened to mine. Cleaned out the usb-c port and also worked good again

This happened on my maker too, it's the charging port. Mine 6p only charges through a no OEM cable with no fast charge. If I had actually to guess, the quick charge connector on the harbor is sensitive, if you damages it at all it falls short with the fast charge chargers. (Nexus 6p doesn't job-related with my brand-new OEM charger because that my pixel 2 xl either.)

Get a new brick. OEM bricks have tendency to short out a lot for part reason. Mine bricks because that my Nexus 6p shorted out twice, and now the one ns have, hasn't shorted the end yet. The brick could have failed.

Mine passed away when ns spilled a tiny wine ~ above it. I'll provide it that one. Alcohol is negative for electronics.

I to be still a small surprised exactly how easily and quickly it shorted the end from that.

Hi, thanks for the answer. I edited the thread yet maybe you had already posted her answer. Mine OEM brick functions fine on mine girlfriend's Pixel 2, so it's not the brick. It's mine phone that for everything reason doesn't identify a Google charger.

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Try cleaning the charging port and also then rebooting, mine walk the same not therefore long earlier and that worked.