When you try to install a game via Steam customer on the default steam library or a brand-new Steam library ~ above a brand-new drive, vapor prompts the error “Failed to add brand-new steam library folder” and the installation process couldn’t proceed.

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How to fix “Failed come add brand-new Steam library folder” error

The reason of the worry is the the Steam client is at this time downloading an update for one of your gamings or a new game. Apparently, as soon as Steam client is performing a download or one update, it somehow interfere through the procedure of creating brand-new Steam library, thus, causing the “failed to add brand-new Steam library” error.

The solution to this error is to just stop or pause any download or update the is currently running on heavy steam client. Then, retry to download a video game or add new Steam library again. It should be able to proceed there is no popping the error now.

“Failed to add brand-new steam library folder need to be writable” error

If you get the error through an extra clues – “must it is in writable”, it suggests that vapor fails to compose on the disk drive wherein you desire it to produce the new Steam library folder. In most cases, that is early to vapor not having enough permission to execute so.

It can be since of the drive or the brochure of whereby you include the brand-new Steam library was collection to Read-only mode, or that the drive is not easily accessible or writable through your windows user account as result of insufficient privileges (if it’s not an administrator account).

Here’s what you can shot to execute to get rid of the error:

Try come run steam as administrator, so the it have the right to have permission to create on the disk drive.Check the journey or the folder to make sure they space not collection to Read-only mode.Try to develop the brand-new Steam Library folder top top the root magazine of the drive, because that example, D:\SteamLibrary instead of D:\Program Files\SteamLibrary.

“Failed to add brand-new steam library folder should be empty” error

If you get the error v “must it is in empty” indication, in many cases, it’s early out to negative or incorrect hierarchy of folders in the steam library folder the is already existed.

If a steam Library already existed ~ above the journey or directory where you want to develop a new Steam library on, try to create a new Steam library ~ above a various folder (simply create a brand-new folder ~ above the drive) ~ above the same drive, for example, D:\games\SteamLibrary.

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If you gain the error once you shot to download a video game on one existing vapor library, girlfriend can shot to create another new Steam library on a different drive or different folder on the exact same drive. Then, install any kind of game top top the brand-new Steam library you have developed for the to create the ideal hierarchy the folders in the library. ~ that, you have the right to move every your steam games from the old library (SteamLibrary\steamapps\common) folder to the brand-new one.