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MY id IS GANGNAM beauty beauty KDRAMA LIVE RECAP illustration 10——-carolannpeacock.com——-#1OPENINGKS asks grandfather if she is okay? He tells her that she did not make a mistake, however he also tells her no to drink more than 3 glasses there is no him. He is telling her, execute not obtain a piggy back ride from an additional man.

Mirae wonders what he means by that. The bus comes so he walks come it and asks she if she is acquiring in. She states she is and also walks confused tot that bus.

On the bus, Mirae sit behind that boy that followed her that one day, the one she chased down. He states that that follwed her because she to be an entertainer. That asks hr if she remembers his name? he tells she his name and asks if she go SNS. KS tells him to remember his name. Perform Kyung-seok. The boy asks if he is she girldfriend. SHe claims no but he claims yes.

The little boy gets off on his stop. Mirae asks KS what the is saying. He says that that is nice come say that he is her friend for men that room bothering her. She continues wondering why he is acting prefer this.

TITLE: the IS okay TO be A BOYFRIEND——-carolannpeacock.com——-#2LAB CLASSEveryone is in the middle of a laboratory experiment. Yet MR’s mind starts to wonder come KS and all the interactions they had where it shows up that the likes her. She additionally thinks around him informing her no to acquire piggy earlier rides from various other men. She looks in ~ him sitting next to her and wonders come herself, perform you prefer me a small but?

KS watch at her so she pretends choose she is stretching and massaging ehr neck. SA feel something together well. WY to walk by and tells them all to focus, this is the critical experiment that the semester.

After class, everyone sits outside at a table. They are all fretting around their grades becaue Soo-ah lost the report. Lock think the they have actually to discover it. They every start looking for it yet KS simply pulls the end his notebook and also starts writing. He writes down all the chemestry things.

Everyone start noticing and also commetns the he is not just a challenge genius, the is a real genius.

he finishes writing. Jihyo speak Soo-ah that she must buy Kyung seok a meal. She claims of course, lets go together. Lock walk off together for her to purchase the meal. But Kyung seok states that it is okay. She says that she won’t through a big meal, simply accept that much.

They store walking. They walk inside whereby Sooah talks about being independent and how KS is similar to her and those type of things. She talks about how her grandmother bothers her(?) as well. WY overcome them while talk on the phone around a good noodle place. KS’s head fully turns approximately as WY go buy.

NOODLE PLACECut to WY and MR eating at the noodle place. WY provides her some extra food and also tells her to eat mroe. She thanks him.

KS and SA space eating in the cafeteria. She tells him to gain the job, world look at encounters a lot. CW come by with one of his friends to make little talk, however KS is no hearing it. CS walks turn off after informing them to eat well.

SA says that KS is uncomfortable hearing the he is pretty? He sort of claims he does no care. She tells him that she wants to have actually the very same mentality as him. Don’t you desire a girlfriend?

At the noodle place, WY asks grandfather if she desires a boyfriend. She states that there space a most pretty girls around. He claims that she is the prettiest girl in the department. She tells him not to joke. That asks if this make her uncomfortable? She tells him that she had actually a lot of plastic surgery. That is every like, so what? girlfriend did the surgery to be pretty and also you came to be pretty, is that strange? She smiles at him as if realizing the what he claimed is so straightforward and however so true, that tells her to store eating for this reason she does.

In the cafeteria, KS tells SA that she became independent so that seems favor she has actually a strong mentality to do that, therefore what is up, is there a behind the scene story? She claims that there is no story.——-carolannpeacock.com——-#3KS and also SA go outside and also walk together. KS watch Wy and also MR together throughout the yard. We reduced to your conversation, he claims it wasnt’ anything to buy her something to eat, anytime. Then he leaves for class.

MR it s okay a speak to at that minute for the component time job that she is looking for. She tells him the she can go come the interview at anytime. Say thanks to you! yet then SA comes up and asks her if seh is close come Woo-young sunbae? MR states yes, castle live in the exact same neighborhood.

KS walks up to them and also tells MR the they have to walk home together. MR states she has actually an interview, KS marvels if they room looking for an ext people? SA looks in ~ them both however then states she has to leave and also wishes KS good luck this time.

KS climate asks mr if they are additionally close due to the fact that they live in the same neighborhood (like her and also WY). She states that she just said that to SA. That asks if he can join her on she interview. SA sit by herself external pondering what just happened.

WH takes a photo of her and also then walks approximately talk come her. She thanks him for something but then tells him to avoid taking pictures of her without she permission, the is the same as a concealed camera.

BUSMR asks if she can lug her friend, the interviewer says that one interview is not a joke, you cannot just lug your friend. But he lets her brign her friend anyway.

They both sit for the interview. The interviewer is understanding but stern and interviews KS as well. Lock both get the job. He speak them that they pay daily so put your bank account. One of the workers sees the the man (KS) is so handsome and the woman (MR) is likewise a small bit unreal (in her beauty).

Cut come the sunbae, Tae-young, and also Kim Tae-hee playfully feeding each other. Yet Jae-young is a bit much more distant to Tae-hee. CW to walk in ~ above them and also asks Tae-hee to feed him too, if they space not dating. She feeds the one reluctantly then he leaves.

At home, KS beginning to review all his new work for his brand-new job. WY walks in therefore KS speak him the he has a great memory. WY tells him to brush his this so he won’t acquire cavities.

Meanwhile, KS’s sister is tho making money ~ above her web stuff. She is eating a many food however the world on the net talk about her bag and how expensive that is. You much be therefore rich. The sisters looks nice sad but then seh it s okay a call from Kyung-seok.

At first she is upset at him because that leaving home, yet she kind of soft to him and also tells him to check out her tomorrow. But he says he cannot due to the fact that he has a parttime job. She is surprised the he has a parttime job. He speak hr to brush her this so lock don’t obtain rotten (what WY said him).

In MR’s place, HJ speak to MR around how they have to go on a trip. MR wants to pay off her surgery. However HJ just shows she a the majority of photos of vacation packages and then asks her if she has to wear a challenge pack for her component time job?

KS is likewise getting prepared for his parttime job. WY asks if he created the contract (or signed the contract). KS states he is working through Mirae. This renders WY stand up and also give KS a lot of things to carry out after work-related like clean and also do the laundry. KS is all like, I believed laundry was an alleged to it is in everyother day and also the blanket is no in the contract. You sound choose a poor landlor. WY is all like, huh, watch your mouth.

But then there is a knock on the door. The is KS’s mother. She brings a lot of fresh food over there to share through them both. Yet KS beginning bringing increase the contract nd exactly how they should not share. WY is so annoyed that he is being referred to as out about the contract in prior of every this food. KS asks WY if he has to sign the contract today. WY reluctantly claims he can sign it tomorrow.

COMMERCIAL BREAK——-carolannpeacock.com——-#4Meanwhile, mr looks at all her cosmetics and also perfume to watch which one she have to wear. She decides to wear the one the KS likes and also sprats a most it ~ above her. She go out and sees the CEO (KS’s Umma) with KS at the bottom the the steps. Umma speak MR that she have the right to hop in, but KS states that she walk not need to take them. But maybe that is too obvious so he agrees the she deserve to take them.

they drive to work and awkwardly talk around the night grandfather passed out. Umma says it is no big deal, she supplied to do that a lot as a child too. Then she brings up MR’s candle and also talks around how everyone favored it. She likewise tells them come be careful at work.

WORKMirae is inside wall up with all the employees and practices what she will certainly say come customers. The boss thinks she go a good job. He speak her and KS come asks the if lock have any kind of probelems. There job is inner curator.

They all go and also take their spots to aid customers shop. This location is one expensive looking housewares shop. Yet KS’s sister come in unexpectedly so he walks to the side to talk to her.

Elsewehre, Hye-sung is working at a coffee shop through her manager. She wonders how old a young guy at the coffee shop it and also how the is in ~ working. The manager says he is just young, why room you asking? Umma says simply becuase, then she fiddles v her phone.

At the room store. The sisters talks through KS and also MR. KS claims he lives with sunbae, the sisters looks at MR. Mr is all like, i am no sunbae, we space friends, we are in the exact same class.

The sister claims that she needs to leave as soon as their father is elected because she will have to hide away. Yet KS speak her the he will talk to dad again, she won’t need to leave. They begin to look at the menu and also get food. But the siblings order one meal and also share it. Mirae gets her own meal. Mirae is beautifully mesmerized that the siblings share a meal, but the siblings just think this is normal.

Cut come Umma arriving at the room store. She looks around fora moment and then sees her son and Mirae waling in v her daughter. She quiet hides somewhere and also is may be to acknowledge hr daughter. This provides her virtually blow her hiding place.

Umma leaves and also walks come the bus protect against where her daughter is. The daughter does not identify her and just proceeds sitting. However umma phone call her name so the daughter look at at she startled as if she feels something.

Inside, Mirae and also Kyung-seok collection a table. Mirae is smiling and tells him that he has an oppa like side. He speak her that she can speak to him oppa too. He walks away when someone calls his name yet Mirae is smitten and says the he has actually a greasy side as well (like a romantic side).

Elsewhere, Umma speak to her daughter inside a cafe. She is sorry and also tells her that she must hae taken her with her. But her daughter calls her ajumma and says that every little thing she states will no change. You left your husband and kids v an affair. Umma is every like, affair? What are you talking about?

the sister claims that she have to not look like that, she is the one that have to look like htat, their life is much more pitiful!

She gets up to leave but tells her mom that crying go not adjust anything before storming out. But she likewise cries outside and also says one of two people Oppa or Umma together she go away.——-carolannpeacock.com——-#5After work, Mirae to walk out yet is speak to by a man. She tells him the her friend is waiting so she has to go. KS asks what lock talked around so Mirae tells him that he simply asked something.

they walk to the bus, Mirae says that castle are acquiring 100 a day so if they work 5 work they will have sufficient money because that the month. KS additionally looks at his bank account and is stunner happy. The only has to pay $70 a month which makes Mirae gasp at how cheap that is. WY is so nice. KS claims he does all the housework.

Mirae claims that she thinks he is just making KS execute all the housework so that you have the right to pay less, the is for this reason nice. KS gets a speak to from WY at that time and also is told come come home and also do the hosuework quickly!

KS – space you hungry, I will buy samgyupsal

KS asks Mirae whereby they purchase samgyupsal. In the apartment WY claims that they have beef steak in the fridge, why carry out they require samgyupsal?

Cut come KS purchase samgyupsal through Mirae. She speak him the yellow fath is bad, it must be bright. He asks just how she knows, she tells him that she complied with her mother grocery shopping all the time. Climate she asks if he will certainly buy groceries too.

KS has actually a remind of reasoning that Mirae have the right to handle 3 glasses the soju but WY deserve to only take care of two. WY is every asleep ~ above the couch therefore KS wakes the up and also tells him that she placed Mirae in she bed. WY is so jealous of this.

KS smiles as he think of it and buys part soju because that Mirae. Mirae claims that HJ is wait for her. KS speak him to lug her with her. Mirae marvels why KS is being so kind.

POLITICIANUmma shows up angrily come the politicians office and asks to talk to him. He speak her that she does not have actually manners. She says that the one without courtesy is the one that spread out a rumor that the mother had actually an affair and left she children. He tells her that his best hand person is there. Umma tells him to leave becuase she has a story that is really bad because that the senator.

Meanwhile, the 4 have a party at KS and also WY’s home where they eat samgyupsal on the octapang roof. KS is a lot much better at cutting the samgyupsal now.

Back at the politicians, Umma speak him the she knew he would spread all these negative rumors, yet she can’t stand her kids misunderstand her. He claims that everything the reason is, their mother left home and also he took care of them. Umma think he is for this reason bad, execute you want human being to referee what friend did come me complying with the facts?

This it s okay his fist so he sit up and also asks if she is threaten him. She tells him that he is no confident so that is why he think it is a threat. She would love to ruin everything about him, yet she is giving him a choice, phone call the youngsters the truth.——-carolannpeacock.com——-#6Back in ~ the octapang, WY speak him to eat eat eat. KS asks the why that is speak that as if that is treating. WY states he is cooking it. HJ claims the meat is an excellent but sunbae is food preparation it well which is why it is delicious. KS gets all serious and glares in ~ HJ, yet then he says that they should drink soju. Mirae is not drinking, she is drinking cola. WY is not drinking too, KS asks if the is becuase the passed the end after drinking two cups? WY states he just went to bed since it to be bedtime! His nickname is Yeaon Strength!

KS tells him that he say him pass out after 2 cups. WY do the efforts to define that drink is not around strength! MR and also HJ wonder what this situation is. HJ make the efforts to figure it out, is this case like reflecting who is stronger? Why don’t you eight wrestle choose a man? WY states he will break his arm. KS wonders if that is no confident?

HJ speak him to protect against wresting v his mouth and also do it with your arms. Are you all right handed? I will bet top top Woo-yung sunbae, what around you Mirae? Mirae does not know.

WY states he walk not desire to pains someone…ahh….you won’t have the ability to use her arm….

Politicians house. The dad goes into his daughters room come tell her the truth. She is playing something on she phone.

Arm wresting. WY and also KS eight wrestle supervisor seriously. Mirae think someones are could really break. HJ think this is for this reason fun and also exhilarating, do you desire to carry out it! mine heart! Finally, WY wins and also falls top top the ground. The pulls himself together and also tells KS no to it is in discouraged. Grandfather tells KS, second place is good, lol.

House. Dad must have actually told the daughter everything and says, anyway, she ditched you. However the daughter says that seh would certainly not have actually thought about her for this reason badly, I thought she to be a really bad person, why go you make her like that! LEAVE, GO, LEAVE! She litter a pillow at him. He tells her the they can talk about it again once she calms down a bit and walks out.

Octapang. Within the octapang, KS does every the dishes. MR and HJ leave. WY speak him that he have the right to do the dishes. But KS claims he is okay. WY pats him and also playfully asks that if his arm is okay, don’t endure it and also go come the hospital. Then he happily leaves to his room.

Outside, MR and HJ thinks that KS is therefore upset. HJ thinks that it is becuase he really likes MR. Mr thinks they are simply friends, yet HJ says that he might really like her. No one can refuse him. MR says that the is not her ideal type. She ideal form has a typical face and is okay through her plastic surgery, he does not need to be also tall or too rich.

HJ nods and tells her the she has a the majority of conditions. Grandfather asks she type. HJ claims that the is someone choose Woo-young sunbae. Grandfather agrees, no that numerous guys are like Woo-young. You have actually high standards. Lock both laugh and says that is why they room not dating each other.

But hen grandfather gets a call from Soo-ah. She states that she is calling because she is bored. You had actually a part time job with Kyung-seok right? have the right to I watch you at institution to tell friend something?

Mirae hangs up. HJ asks that that is, Soo-ah? She is yes, really strange, perform not to trust what she does.

MORNINGThe maid calls because that the senator and frantically claims there have big trouble, his daughter left home!

The father speak his manager that his daughter left home, discover her quietly. Right here are only one or two days before the choice so he tells him to find her quietly.

COMMERCIAL BREAK——-carolannpeacock.com——-#7Meanwhile, Mirae walks come the bus and also sees Kyung-seok wait for she at the bottom of the steps.

KS is looking in ~ the ground together if in a catalogue photo. Mirae thinks that he is similar to a pictoral. Is that the typical look of a guy that goes to a parttime job? She stares at him mesmerized. The notices ehr and asks hr why she is not coming. She tries come shake that off and also walks through him to the bus stop.

She states that the is no unhappy. He says that that just offered WY a break because he gives him a discount. Mirae smiles and says, okay. Yet then she it s okay a call from her parents. Castle ae ~ above the way to offer them some food. Appa asks her just how much she makes, $100 a day?!? What?!?

they journey to she workplace. Mirae talks to her parents happily but then Kyung-sok walks increase looking fine. The parents are mesmerized. Appa asks what type of connection he has with Mirae. She says they space friends. However he states that they are the best friends in the department.

However two women call him end to help them. Mirae’s umma and also appa are still mesmerized as they watch him to walk away.

Umma states that that is good to have actually plastic surgery so she can have friends favor that. However two other women go buy and also asks each other if Mirae is a Gangnam Beauty? it is a actual Gangnam Beauty.

Umma and appa space super happy about this. WOW, not just a beauty but a GANGNAM BEAUTY! I should go to a hair salon so I deserve to be in the same class as Mirae. Possibly I should gain a haircut?

After work, the same male that talked to Mirae last time talks to she again and says the she should exercise a lot because she has a good shape. KS sees this and asks what he said. Walk he want to eat through you again? Mirae simply tells the no and also says something around hardships in ~ work.

KS it s okay a contact at that moment and is dubbed away to check out his mother. We cut to castle talking about Kyung-hee. Umma claims that she knows they really hated her, she is really sorry about that, she can’t go earlier and hug them or take her past back. She did no leave due to the fact that she was having an affair, the is no true. She is sorry about this, you guys must have had a harder time, every the time.

Kyung-seok speak her the he did have actually a difficult time. He hated her, yet now…he hopes that lock won’t gain hurt anymore. He tears up together he says, umma. Climate he offers her a tissue. She thanks him for it, she is yes, really thankful for it. She likewise apologizes again and says the she does not deserve this. She is at sight happy for this reason she is yes, really sorry.

Cut come Mirae standing external as she waits for Kyung-seok. He walks up and also asks if it to be something v the CEO? He says she is okay so Mirae relaxes. Yet he asks if civilization can cry because they are so happy? have actually you cried with delight before? She says yes, as soon as she was accepted for college, why, have actually you never?

he claims that that is no sure. She asks if he has never been happy prefer that? He claims he is not sure. They begin walking away. He tells her that he is not sure if that desrved a tear, however he is happy to check out her again. Mirae is all like, you are that happy to watch me? Well, climate I will certainly wait for you more, however Hyung-jung is wait so lets go.

MORNINGSoo-ah sends out Mirae a message to fulfill at school. They meet outside somewhere and have a little of little talk around the part time job. She asks if they room hiring anyone else? It would certainly be funny to work along with her and Kyung-seok….what is it, do you not desire to occupational with me?

Mirae claims it is not prefer that, she will certainly ask them. Soo-ah says that actually, she likes Kyung-seok. Deserve to you help me?

Mirae claims this is not a difficulty I can assist with. Soo-ah states that she is asking due to the fact that they are ideal friends….but execute you additionally like him?

Mirae thinks to herself, shouldn’t I choose him?

Soo-ah speak her that she will do better than her, she is pretty and polular with men. Being pretty is a gift right? because people prefer you. For this reason the people who carry out not have it desire to enjoy it, the is why they have plastic surgery. That is why natural world have a disadvantage. The is true. The pretty challenge with plastic surgery makes beauty much less rare.

Mirae takes this in because that a moment and also looks choose she is about to slap a B.

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Mirae -I thought I simply mistook you as a bad person, yet I was wrong. You hated me from the beginning.

Fade Out——-carolannpeacock.com——-

COMMENTSI want them to focus more on the main couple and a small less ~ above Kyung-seok’s mother, though ns do know that this will certainly interfear in Kyung-seoks life a bit so the is worth exploring. Similarly, lock can cut that side triangle with Tae-hee, Tae-young, and Soo-ah. We obtain it, Soo-ah is evil, but does she have actually to damage everyone’s relationships?

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