I'm continuing this weekly thread in case us Dub just viewers want to proceed stating the series weekly. Sub fans, feel cost-free to rewatch the episode and also sign up with us!


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I watched the sub once that came out, so these are reactions particular to the dub

When Ashiexecute protects Mineta via Acid Veil, the dub added "Protect this perv!" prior to she claims the assault name, which made me laugh.

I feel bad for Matt Shipman (the voice actor for Inasa). Inasa doesn't understand how to speak at a normal volume, so he's constantly yelling. He does an excellent project with Inasa's intensity and also PASSION, though.

I've been playing many Danganronpa lately, so when I hear Shindo's English voice, I hear Nagito Komaeda, and I don't recognize how I feel around that.

Inasa became my favorite character of this arc the second I saw his over the top head bow in the last episode. This dude is a riot every time he's on screen and Shipmale is simply directly killing it.

That's additionally pretty excellent just how they added that "Protect this perv" line for Mina. One even more bit of proof that the dub is superior!

-We gained to hear even more of Brittney Karbowski as Camie in this episode, and also I really favor her portrayal of her. She’s pretty ecstatic around it as well and also civilization seem to be enjoying her a lot, which is nice to see as she voices among my favorite characters out of the supporting cast.

Her portrayal isn’t as well “valley-girl-esque” to wbelow it’s exaggerated and annoying, and also not as well ordinary sounding to where it’s generic. A nice and healthy and balanced balance between the 2. She’s currently among the few characters in MHA I prefer hearing in English over Japanese (reason nearly eexceptionally character portrayal I enjoy equally in both languages).

-A lot of the script changes here were really excellent. “Protect this perv.” was a bold and also genius relocate.

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Sero’s lines about Camie were a lot even more in character. Calling Camie a molester is funny as hell on its very own, however I think him talking about her appearance rather than kinda antagonizing her is more fitting.