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You are watching: Muchi muchi kyousei seichouchuu!!!

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I've been busy lately, therefore here's a rapid comedy review! mine offline buddies recognize that ns love to review poor anime, so ns ask them to tell me about any unspeakable atrocities they happen to stumble across.Looking for poor anime is lot like the quest of astronomers do the efforts to uncover all the moons in the Solar system. You feel pretty damn confident the you've finally found them all, but then much more get discovered. Muchi Muchi, better known as "Dumb girl in Puberty", is a truly disgusting hentai that controlled to go completely under the radar. Ns heard the an easy premise and also knew immediately I would certainly need to watch this piece of shit and also review it!So what is Dumb girls in Puberty about? The story starts out with a 40 year old man who is a preschool teacher. Currently at this point, every siren and also alarm must be going off in your head! It have the right to ONLY finish poorly from here! Pedo Sensei decides to feed magic snacks come a group of 4 year old girls the transform their toddler bodies into adult bodies. However, lock still preserve the same psychological capacity. He climate does what anyone would certainly do and also decides to rape all of them! my bad, did i say anyone? I intended a complete and utter psychopath. So what wake up next? certain nothing! He just rapes them because that 2 episodes straight and it abruptly ends. Jesus!This hentai was made by the pure geniuses at studio SELFISH. Sadly, that is ALL ns know around the manufacturing of this man crime against humanity. There is no listed director. There room no noted VAs. There is absolutely nothing in terms of staff credits. I've checked MAL, ANN, and also anywhere else I can find this listed. The hentai chin doesn't have any kind of credits in the start or end of every episode. Absolutely NOBODY want their names attached come this shit! This may seem like typical sense, but look in ~ Boku no Pico. We recognize the writer, director, and also all the actors. Exact same story with Kodomo no Jikan. With many hentai, no matter just how awful they are, there space a couple of names attached to it. Muchi Muchi is the exception. It's choose an Eldrich Abomination in the it has no origin and also no explanation. It simply is. Do you want to understand the scariest component of all? This shit has actually next to zero votes on MAL, however well over 1 million see on Pornhub! over 1 million world watched this shit and also most of castle didn't do it to write a gag review. I don't want to live ~ above this world anymore!