The movie, \"The Proposal\" has all what the takes to make a an excellent romantic comedy. This movie has: love, lies, chemistry, tension, and also of food humor.

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Did friend Know?

Betty White virtually declined her role as Grandma Annie in the ‘The Proposal’ because she just wouldn’t leave her gold retriever alone.

Many romantic comedies revolve about a ruse wedding or engagement. They space played one of two people to get their family members or bosses off their back, or to insurance claim an insane sum of money, or to just stay in the country.

Whatever the reason be to play this game, it surely becomes a reason valid enough for two least likely world to come together, just to realize that their true love was constantly right in former of them.

Green Card

Frenchman, Georges (Gérard Depardieu), demands a green card to continue to be in the country. The quickest way to procuring the is by marrying an American citizen. ~ above the various other hand, Brontë, (Andie MacDowell) fancies one apartment i m sorry is to it is in rented just to a married couple.

These two mismatched civilization are forced to live v each other and cope v their differences, in order to convince both the homeowner’s association as well as the immigrant officer.

Family Plan

A company takeover gives Charlie Mackenzie (Tori Spelling) the career chance she wanted. She quickly finds out that her ceo Edward Walcot (Greg Germann) insists ~ above the company being a ‘family company’.

A little misunderstanding leads to Charlie rental an gibbs Buck Maddockx (Jordan Bridges) come play she husband Frank and borrowing a friend’s daughter come play their daughter, in prior of she boss. One night event soon turns into a permanent gig when the boss and his family move in following door.

The accidental Husband

Emma Lloyd (Uma Thurman), is a radio talk show host, who makes advice come the heartbroken people in love. During one such contact from she listeners, she advises she to rest up with her boyfriend. The spurned ex-boyfriend, Patrick (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is set to take it revenge by obtaining himself legally married come her, without she knowledge. This marital relationship comes into spotlight when Emma and also her fiancé Richard (Colin Firth) walk to register their marriage.

She tracks under her inadvertently husband to gain their marital relationship annulled. Their frequent rendezvous shortly leads come a genuine wedding.

The Wedding Date

Kat Ellis (Debra Messing) is the solitary and elder sister of a bride-to-be. In frantic stress she rental a male escort (Dermot Mulroney) come pose as her boyfriend for she sister’s wedding.

Like every various other wedding this one too is filled with high anxiety and excitement. Cases get complex when the skeleton is the end of the closet, and ex-boyfriend poses together the finest man at the wedding. Tempers and also emotions run high. And to top it every is your unconventional budding relation.

What wake up in Vegas

Recently dumped, pleasure McNally (Cameron Diaz) and her best friend decision to take it a tiny trip to ras Vegas. Over there they meet, newly unemployed Jack Fuller (Ashton Kutcher) and also his friend. They party tough together. The following morning lock realize that they got married if they to be drunk, the night before. A fight and a vast sum of jackpot money complicate the concern further.

To acquire a divorce and the money, the judge orders couple’s counseling. Then begins a perform of pranks through both the spouse come prove come the judge the the companion is unfit, only to realize that they make quite a couple.

My Fake Fiancé

Vince (Joseph Lawrence), after finding himself knee-deep in gambling debt; and Jennifer (Melissa Joan Hart) – after acquiring all she belongings stolen; discover themselves in dire require of money. Despite their mutual hatred for each other, they decide to acquire into a fake marriage, just to receive and also split the cash and gifts they receive.

Things gain increasingly facility with Vince’s encounter with a beautiful woman at Gambler’s Anonymous, wherein Jennifer discovers the jealousy lover in her. To do things an ext complex, they have to deal with their respective families in a means that finally compels them come look at one other from a various perspective.

Hitched because that the Holidays

Rob (Joseph Lawrence) is a commitment phobe who is teased by his household for no being able to sustain a connection over the holidays. Whereas, Julie’s (Emily Hampshire) overbearing mommy wishes to see her in a relationship. To get their respective households off their backs, they decide to play pair for the rest of the holidays.

Things acquire further complex when Rob’s Catholic family members meets Julie’s Jewish family. V the upcoming Christmas and also Hanukkah stretch the 2 to your limits, only to carry them to the realization about their true feelings.

Hitched for the Holidays

Hillary Burns (Bonnie Somerville) is a part-time newspaper writer, that is engaged to a lawyer, Jason King (Chris McKenna). Hillary aspires to obtain her mother’s approval for her life choices and hence desires her fiance to satisfy her mother before Thanksgiving. She life starts to unravel when Jason dumps her and also she loses she job, only a few days prior to Thanksgiving.

On her friend’s advice, she walk on an digital date and finds David (Jordan Bridges), who is one out-of-work actor. She asks him to pose as her fiancé in former of her family.

How to lose a man in 10 Days

Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson) is a writer because that a deluxe magazine, creating an short article called, how to shed a guy in 10 days. While Ben Barry (Matthew McConaughey) is an heralding executive, who has a bet v his co-workers, that he could make any kind of woman loss head end heels because that him, and that also in 10 days.

Both harboring a hidden agenda tread on right into a partnership to success their bet and write the article, only to realize the they could have won the bet and got an post out that their tiny experiment, however have shed their hearts come one another.

Laws that Attraction

Daniel Rafferty (Pierce Brosnan) and Audrey Woods (Julianne Moore) room two of the ideal divorce attorneys of new York, always competing to be the ideal at your game. One such divorce case takes them to Ireland. Irish tradition and night drunken debaucheries leaving this mismatched pair married.

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The pair return to brand-new York and are compelled to keep the appearance of an ideal marriage for the sake of their skilled lives. Everything seems to be fine in the start only to loss apart due to their work later. On an additional trip earlier to Ireland, they involved know the the totality wedding was just a romantic celebration, and does no hold any kind of ground. And also with this lie lock realize their love for each other.

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