Previous Names: Carmike Rosemont 18, Movico Rosemont 18, AMC Dine-In Rosemont 18

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Theater opened September 14, 2007 v 18- screens and also 4,227-seats. It’s yes, really trying to be different! Every auditorium is digital and had art/murals on the walls (it reminded me that the old Coral theatre in Oak Lawn).

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What yes, really sets it apart is the Premier VIP area. There are six display screens upstairs (it has actually a different entrance) v seats practically twice the size of consistent theater seat (they’re huge!). Once you buy her ticket, you select your chair on a touchscreen (capacity is 60). Premier VIP ticketbuyers watch the very same film together the ‘regular’ patrons, yet it’s in a balcony up over (who has actually balconies anymore?!) Plus, through the Premier VIP ticket, friend get complimentary popcorn (average, unfortunately) and totally free valet parking (although it’s next to a large parking garage, so i guess the just time you’d need that would certainly be if they had a huge convention in town).

The food menu was expanded (not the common movie theatre fare - flatbread pizza, anyone?), however I don’t recognize if the ‘regs’ acquire the same menu. Premier VIPers also can order native Bogart’s restaurant, a sitdown place between the VIP theatres. There’s a bar increase there, too. And get this - childcare services are available, also! (They had actually a many staff up there. Ns mean, a lot!) The men’s room only had actually one stall, yet it included a sink! Which urged me to take it as long as I wanted in there. Ha! Premier VIP is $15.00 Friday-Saturday-Sunday, $12.50 Monday-Thursday (and has popcorn and also valet parking).

The deal with is 9701 Bryn Mawr avenue in Rosemont, however don’t usage the mapsites to find it. They offer the location as west of the highway, yet it’s east. Native the north, take River roadway to Bryn Mawr and also turn right. Past the office building (Hey! I offered to work in that building!), turn left and head because that the garage. Indigenous the south, turn left on Balmoral (where the Rosemont Theatre is), drive past the hotel, then revolve right right into the parking garage entrance. The theatre is on the various other side that the garage.

Rosemont is an alleged to it is in bulding an entertainment district ‘Rosemont Walk’, but I didn’t see it. They only have this super-cool theater earlier behind the office buildings, hotels and parking garages that specify this next to O"Hare plane town.

Crowd to be a decent size for a brand new, virtually hidden theater. They must be counting on hotel guests. Yet hey, it’s worth the trip! saw “Across The Universe” there, which is only playing in ~ a couple of theaters. Also, you have the right to print ticket at home.

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In November 2019 the number of screens to be reduded come 12, and the seating capacity was reduced.