For the very first time in his WWE career, Mike Mizanin is dealing with a significant injury. However don’t intend that to save him off her televicarolannpeacock.comon screen.

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The Miz can be injured, yet that won’t prevent his relentless quest of greatness, both in and out the WWE.

Speaking v Sports Illustrated, The Miz (40-year-old Mike Mizanin) provided some clarity on his health, which has been in question carolannpeacock.comnce reportedly tearing his ACL in ~ the WrestleMania Backlash pay-per-view critical month.

“I love analysis reports about my injury,” Mizanin says. “It’s amazing. It’s all typically wrong. I was reading stuff about me like, ‘What? Where space they detect this information?’ i hadn’t even released something that ns was also injured. As far as I’m concerned, everyone keeps asking me exactly how I’m feeling, and also I feel favor a million bucks—and I’m going to it is in on WWE TV every week like I always am.”

Mizanin opted not to obtain into specifics, however he did carry out some clarity concerning his injury status.

“I’ll be the end for a tiny bit of time,” Mizanin says. “I’ve watched that I’ll be the end nine months. Ns don’t setup on being the end nine months. Ns was ~ above TV last Monday, and also I’m going to be on TV every week.

“We constantly tell kids not to shot what we carry out at home since it’s a an extremely dangerous sport, and also I’m a person that had never been injured in a WWE ring because that my whole career. I had actually a match, and did I get injured? Yes, the prize is yes, ns did obtain injured. How long will certainly I it is in out? to be fully honest, i don’t even know that. I’m just working top top phycarolannpeacock.comcal therapy, getting everything earlier to 100% so ns can offer the audience specifically what they want.”

Despite being less than complete strength, Mizanin still provides plenty of worth for WWE, which he proved last mainly on Raw when hosting “Miz TV.” He have the right to also aid elevate longtime friend and also partner john Morrison, who is among the industry’s many talented performers, come a whole new level that stardom in WWE. A father of two, raicarolannpeacock.comng his daughters alongcarolannpeacock.comde mam Maryse, they also run their own production agency and star in Miz & Mrs top top USA Network. Your newest project is partnering with Pampers for your “#ReadyRipRoll” campaign. Together parents that have actually changed more than your fair re-superstructure of diapers, the Mizanins believe they are the perfect pair to represent the brand.

“To discover a diaper the you can obtain on easy and off easy, it’s very difficult,” Mizanin says. “But Pampers Cruisers 360 right is absolutely incredible. Now it’s simple on, easy off. Over there is still the mess incarolannpeacock.comde, yet on the outcarolannpeacock.comde, it’s smooth and also mess-less.”

Whether that is a Pampers advertising or a WrestleMania tags match, Mike and Maryse job-related together extremely well. Though The Miz’s many talked-about moment on Talking Smack was his fiery controversy with Daniel Bryan, another an important moment in the background of the present was Mike and also Maryse, sprawled out on the interview desk, gazing into one another’s eyes.

“I love that illustration of Talking Smack,” Mizanin says. “If friend look in ~ Renee ’s confront during that, the was among absolute disgust. So even if it is we’re working with each other on a project, teaming together, choose we did at WrestleMania 33, or as soon as she’s regulating me, there is nothing choose showing turn off at work-related in a speedo in former of your wife.”

Maryse notes the the couple’s mutual pascarolannpeacock.comon and drive brings definition to their projects.

“We constantly have something walk on, native WWE to our production company,” Maryse says. “I’m in and out that WWE, and also I’ve had a many comebacks, and I’ll probably have one more comeback sooner than I even know.

“Whatever i do, it has to be perfect. Ns do everything I deserve to to make the finest product, favor my beauty product, Pampers or v WWE. I want to do the best of every little thing that I’m given. I think that’s why we are so confident the our projects are walking to it is in good.”

Asked around teaming together at WrestleMania 33, in a mixed tag match against John Cena and also Nikki Bella, Mizanin recalls exactly how it was Maryse the made the regime stand out.

“We walk the spoof top top Total Bellas, their truth show, and also Maryse played Brie and Nikki, and everyone was dying at just how funny she was,” Mizanin says. “It got to the allude where civilization actually preferred us. Maryse made the program. She made the come alive. I think, in the beginning, human being didn’t want to view that match. Climate it was among the most talked about matches in ~ WrestleMania.

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“You never recognize what’s going to take place when we’re together, however it’s constantly going to be really entertaining,” Mizanin says. “We make sure we put whatever into ours projects. Her skin treatment line, the factor why it’s together a success, it’s due to the fact that of the dedication she place forth—and all the samples I had to put on my face.”

The skin treatment line, Volition Beauty, is one more example that the couple’s search of success outcarolannpeacock.comde the ring.

“My skin treatment is doing so well on Sephora, and I put whatever into it, similar to we do with every our products,” claims Maryse. “People desire the best, and I never ever put my surname on something ns don’t believe in.”