seafarer Moon: 10 points Fans need to Know around Mistress 9 Mistress 9 is an evil soul who serves and also originated from Pharaoh 90 in seafarer Moon. Below are 10 things fans have to know around the femme fatal.

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Crystal Mistress 9 seafarer Moon
pan of the 90s anime Sailor Moon were an initial introduced come Mistress 9, a Daimon indigenous a Tau Nebula, and also may remember her as a devilish antagonist that some fans either loved or hated.

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Although her architecture may look various from the original than Sailor Moon Crystal, her goal remains the very same in both iterations—that is, to serve Pharoah 90 and also open a gateway for she master"s use. She is likewise aligned with the death Busters and acts as one of the series" fan-favorite antagonist in Sailor Moon S. right here are ten points fans may not know about Mistress 9.

as an antagonist, that wouldn"t it is in fair for her to be less of a villain than the other female persons in Sailor Moon, such together Queen Beryl. Back Queen Beryl was fairly the cheater herself, Mistress 9 depended on manipulating Usagi to attain her goals.

In the 90s anime step that created the #sailormoonredraw fan art phenomenon, A Bright shooting Star! Saturn, and also the Messiah, Mistress 9 top Usagi into giving her the Cosmic heart Compact by acting as if she remained in pain.

Pharoah 90
although Mistress 9 does all the dirty occupational as she is it"s most an effective servant, Pharoah 90 is the key antagonist of Sailor Moon S as well together the leader of the fatality Busters, an evil organization in Sailor Moon.

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Pharoah 90 wished to damage planets and make a second home the its homeland, Tau Nebula. Although that was after that revealed to be one incarnation of Chaos—the final villain Usagi have to battle—the fact that Mistress 9 source from it renders it clear how much that a hazard she is.

Sailor Saturn Coming the end Of Mistress 9 sailor Moon
Hotaru has actually a disastrous fate in the Sailor Moon franchise, and also Mistress 9 is a big part of it. Mistress 9 was implanted within of Hotaru after she father, Professor Tomeo, get a Daimon egg and became Pharoah 90"s minions.

After this, Hotaru came to be weak and also frequently had actually to suffer through seizures and horrid headaches as Mistress 9 to be continuously cultivation inside her body. Making problem worse, regardless of her father being a minion the Pharoah 90, the did have actually a lifelong dream of creating a superior lifeform, even if he offered his daughter to achieve this twisted goal.

7 She supplies Her Hair choose A Weapon

Mistress 9 making use of her hair together a weapon
Mistress 9 has beautiful, lengthy black hair—but it"s offered for much more than just looking nice. Her hair cascades every the method past she feet, and also she uses it as a weapon versus the sailor Guardians to her advantage. Besides summoning thorny vines and black roses, she can also fight with her hair.

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She uses her hair come strangle her enemies, and also entangle castle to save them from escaping. She also uses it to rip the souls of humans to feeding on and also consume.

and also being well-known as the Sovereign of Silence, Mistress 9 go by a couple of other names in Sailor Moon. She is also known together the Dark Messiah and also the Messiah the Silence, together she stop power above all as well as Pharoah 90.

She was named many things before she awakened due to the fact that no one knew her true name till she did. Till she claimed herself as Mistress 9, the seafarer Guardians all described her greatly as the can be fried of Silence.

5 She Takes manage Of Hotaru"s Body

return the way in i beg your pardon Mistress 9 controls Hotaru"s body varies relying on if its Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal, the truth doesn"t adjust that she takes regulate of Hotaru"s body in each adaption.

After law so, she ages her so the she shows up like a 30-year0 old woman which bears a strong resemblance to she late mother, Keiko.

Hotaru is not a weak kid or human being by any kind of means, together she has actually gone through miscellaneous troubles on top of being sailor Saturn. Despite Mistress 9 being implanted in Hotaru when she to be small, Mistress 9 was unable to completely take control of her body in the beginning.

She slept deep inside of Hotaru but nonetheless to be unable to fully take manage of her body in spite of her having seizures and also headaches.

3 She Looks comparable To Keiko, Hotaru"s so late Mother

Keiko Tomoe is Hotaru"s so late mother. Hotaru and Keiko looked strikingly similar, from her dark purple hair and violet eyes. However, once Hotaru was 6-years-old, she was eliminated in a fire that developed in she father"s laboratory which additionally injured Hoaru to the point where she would certainly have died if the wouldn"t have actually been because that the Taioron crystal Keiko had actually in her possession.

If Keiko was still alive, Mistress 9 would be the the next lookalike come Hotaur"s mother, as she bring away on the appearance of a 30-year-old woman.

There space a couple of differences between how Mistress 9 is explained in the original Sailor Moon anime and the reboot, Sailor Moon Crystal. In the original, Mistress 9 gone into Hotaru and also took control over her body by consuming pure hearts.

After consuming Chibiusa"s pure love crystal, she awakened and deceived seafarer Moon into offering her the divine Grail. In Sailor Moon Crystal, it followed the manga"s example and also had her be implanted within Hotaru by her father, Professor Tomoe, together a vessel.

1 She Never had A Daimon type In The 90s

Mistress 9 never ever truly appeared in her Daimon form. As a Human-Daimon hybrid, she need to look choose the grotesque, or at least on-human looking, Daimon choose the various other characters.

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However, she only appeared in human being form, without any kind of Daimon attributes. In Sailor Moon Crystal, however, Mistress 9 appeared with black color crystals sporting from she back, pointy ears, and red glow eyes, akin come what Pharoah 90 looked favor in Sailor Moon Crystal.

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