Crack in the world is a fairly short, but very fun and also engaging adventure map. The premise the the map is that your vehicle has broken down top top your way to visit her girlfriend at she university, so you decide to stay the night in the nearby town. However, friend soon learn that not whatever is appropriate with the town, as the guy running the strength plant appears to have sinister motives. Your task is to discover the area, and find a reason to stop him prior to disaster strikes!


Crack in the world is a short and also fun map focused on a chop story and also some really cool one-of-a-kind effects. Girlfriend must discover the area, speak to the NPCs to discover out what’s walk on and acquire items, and also to development the story. The is not a very complicated map, and also it is not concentrated on fighting, however on having actually a pretty narrative, and awesome distinct effects!


It attributes nice cutscenes and great special effects, a custom resource pack with textures, sounds, and music (that lots automatically), and also an epos finale!

Crack in the people is made and tested ~ above Minecraft 1.8.3 without any extr mods, resource packs, or anything else, therefore it must work on any type of Minecraft 1.8 version. If you encounter any type of issues, then walk for 1.8.3 though.

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You should turn off all other source packs to prevent any type of conflicts between them and also the one found in this map. The map is made to be played in singleplayer, whereby the source pack should fill automatically, however if you’re play on multiplayer, the resource pack can be found within the cracked in the civilization folder, and installed manually indigenous there. Remember to allow command blocks and set the an obstacle to typical if you’re play on a server.


Particles need to be set to either “All” or “Decreased” because that the finest look, while her render distance should be larger than 7 chunks.

2-3 players is the maximum encourage amount because that multiplayer. Play it v 3 might mean that you’re quick on food, if so, stomping the plants is allowed.

The map also includes some royalty totally free music from Kevin MacLeod and Kai Engel.

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All in all, cracked in the world is a pretty an excellent and funny map, with some impressive visuals, the only downside being the it is kinda short.


How to install the cracked in the World Map for Minecraft:

Download the map.Go to her %appdata%/.minecraft folder.Open the “saves” folder.Unzip the map girlfriend downloaded, and put the unzipped folder right into the saves folder.All done! cracked in the world should currently be installed and also ready to it is in played, so enjoy and have fun!

Here is a playthrough the the map courtesy the YouAlwaysWin, it’s a complete playthrough despite so intend spoilers: