The former Hannah Montana went famous after twerking on Robin Thicke in one outfit that confirmed off she assets in a method the people hadn\"t seen them before. Part nude-toned briefs and unflattering angles inspired people to to compare Miley\"s booty to a plucked \"turkey butt.\" Oof.

Here\"s what the singer has to say about that:

She Werked that on IG

In Miley\"s IG Stories today she posted this shoot of herself providing a cheeky wiggle to the camera, overlaid through stickers concerned turkey and \"chicken butt.\" It additionally featured the message \"Y\"all scarred me w that turkey butt s**t.\"


she latest key feed article shows the artist slinking around in that exact same black outfit (evidently to speak to attention to her upcoming Summerfest appearance):

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A article shared by Miley Cyrus (

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\"It Was simply Really yes, really Hurtful\"

Miley\"s message around the \"turkey butt\" image tracks with remarks she\"s make before. For an detailed look at exactly how \"scarred\" she is after ~ the meme incident, look come this conversation she had actually with Demi Lovato in march 2020:

\"I had on mine cute small nude bodysuit, and everyone started comparing me come a turkey and putting a turkey in mine outfit reason I was prefer so skinny and so pasty,\" Miley defines to Demi about half way through the Instagram Live posted below. \"I was emotion so bad around myself that i didn\"t stay a bikini for like two years.\"


She walk on to describe how major a meme\"s impact can be.

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\"Memes deserve to be so lot fun but they can likewise just be so hurtful, reason a meme can be funny however when it\"s around you the is simply so not funny,\" she called Demi. \"I was probably 21 and also I was simply kind of starting to know myself together an live independence person and also it was just really yes, really hurtful simply to be so human body shamed like that.\"

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It changed Her Life\"s \"Purpose\"

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If Miley\"s current posts and projects seem an ext social justice-y 보다 before, that\"s no coincidence. The entirety \"turkey butt\" thing could be responsible because that the Miley we understand now.


She very first told Demi the the me confidence problems she arisen after that incident really influenced her feeling of identity.

\"I felt like having actually this persona of being the most confident girl on the planet was actually type of fraud since I was so insecure top top the inside...when i was wearing prefer my tiny leotards and also things, I had on favor f*****g 4 pairs the tights due to the fact that I to be so insecure.\"

very sewing she turned it all right into motivation.

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\"That was such a wake up speak to to me on wanting to use my platform for a bigger purpose, that\"s when I started Happy Hippie,\" Miley continued in that IG Live. \"I simply needed other bigger 보다 this industry since it simply made me feel so bad about myself.\"


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