When friend are all set to play, pick Campaign and also create a new game save for the opening story.

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The Prologue serves together a mini tutorial, speak a bit much more of the story, and introduces you to a few characters. Usage LS come move about the map, and A come speak to various other characters. Move eastwards and also talk to the Hunter to collection Hunters (Hunter core Units). These are one of the core systems you will usage battles. Keep adhering to the path east, and then north, until you reach a portal.

During this following conversation, a Demon shows up south of her position and also attacks you. This serves together the very first battle tutorial.

Notes:- The battlefield is separated into two parts, Top and also Bottom.- The enemy"s army stands ready on the height of the screen.- Your army stands prepared on the bottom the the screen.- The object of fight is to strike the foe Zone (top and also bottom that screen) through your attacks. - The move respond to is displayed at the base of the screen.- An strike formation is created by placing three core systems of the same colour on top of every other.- only units at the bottom of a column deserve to be grabbed. - Grab and release units v A to move them around the battlefield.- assault formations have a blinking fee number when created.- assaults are dilute by adversary units.- victory the battle by exhausted the enemy"s health bar (top right).- her hero will regenerate HP ~ each and also every battle.- speak to reinforcements by pushing LT or RT.- Prematurely finish your revolve by pressing X.

After to win the battle, you will obtain some XP. Acquiring XP will reason you to level up and also increase in strength and abilities. Proceed following the instructions and also move back towards the camp, prior to which you will certainly meet another demon. Relocate to their position to start the battle.

Notes:- ar 3 core devices of the same colour next by side to develop a defensive wall formation.- her own strikes will pass over her walls.- Sylvan walls recuperate a tiny amount the HP each turn, as component of a special wall surface ability.- all walls have actually a different special ability.- The unit respond to in the bottom right shows you how countless reinforcements you have.- once a unit pipeline the battlefeld, it is included to the unit counter.- Idle units room instantly ruined by any incoming attack, but they also reduce the strength of those attacks.- every unit has a different amount of defensive toughness.

Once again, follow the path back to the camp and also fight yet another demon.

Notes:- remove a unit or a wall surface by pushing B.- remove units costs a move, uneven it creates an assault or a wall. In which instance you get one bonus move for the number of chains created.

Continue relocating towards the camp for part dialogue. After the dialogue, her character hides native Azexes, whilst other personalities moved with the portal.


Bounties: 5

Artifacts: 10

Battle Puzzles: 4

Side Quests: 2

The Irollan project is all the is obtainable to you for now. Pick that to begin your first story. Open up the Map food selection by pushing X. Here you deserve to view quests. Your first is "Warning the Elves". Move forward and you will meet Trixie, a Pixie, who will join your squad. You can now use Pixies as another core unit (Pixie core Units). Units have the right to be fitted via the Hero menu by pushing Y and moving to the military Tab through RB. A demon will also have appeared, and also will it is in your an initial proper battle.


- In the bottom left is a assignment meter. Once full, friend can actors a hero spell.- The MP in her spell meter increases when girlfriend hit the enemy, and also when you acquire hit.

Defeat the demon for the "Young Hero" achievement.

Young HeroWin a fight in the Sylvan campaign


1 guide

After the battle, you will be request if you want to check out tutorial around Links. Select yes.


- To do a link, produce 2 strike formations the the very same colour.- Linked strikes must launch on the same turn.- Linked attacks gain a bonus, making lock stronger. The more attacks you attach together, the greater the bonus.- Linking can be used on every unit types.

Continue come the east and also talk to the character v a yellow "?" above their head. This shows the current main quest. Silver "?" symbols indicate a character pertained to a side quest. A copper sword symbol indicates a present quest-related battle, whilst a silver sword symbol indicates a next quest-related battle. There is also a unique skull icon for bosses.

The character to the best is Findan. Speak to the for one more cut-scene. After some more dialogue, friend will get another form of main point unit, bear (Bear main point Units) ~ this, walk right and collect Leaf bowl (Artifact 1/10) from the chest. This is your an initial artifact. You have the right to either equip this now, or equip it later on in the Hero Menu, top top the Artifact Tab. The sheet Plate rises your hero"s HP by 25%, therefore you need to equip it now.

Move ago west in the direction of Maethorn, and defeat the demon that appears. ~ the battle, Maethorn will provide you five of a brand-new unit type, Deer. The Deer is an elite unit, i m sorry works in different ways to the core units you already have (Deer elite Units).

Notes:- elite units, such as Deer, deserve to be offered to create an Elite strike by placing 2 core devices of the same colour behind it.- elite units have special abilities. Because that example, the Deer can jump over foe walls.- unique abilities are noted in the military Tab of the Hero Menu.- The supply of Elite units is limited, and also they deserve to die throughout battle.- to resupply, they have to be purchased native Unit Dwellings. - Elite devices not only die through opponent attacks, but additionally when castle are gotten rid of from the battlefield.- they can likewise be provided to form linked attacks, if their assaults are synchronised through other strikes of the very same colour.

After the fight you are shown the location of a Unit Dwelling. You need to use this whenever you require Elite or Champion (not uncovered yet) units. Keep in mind that each Elite units has actually its own details dwelling. The one you are presented is because that Deer.

Your brand-new quest is "Anwen"s Ambush". Relocate downwards to the stone archway, and also press A to uncover a course through the mossy tree. Here, girlfriend will confront your an initial boss fight, but an initial go appropriate to collect part resources. These space the resources (also winner in battles) that have the right to be supplied to acquisition Elite and Champion units later. Now relocate towards Kullor, beating the demon before him. After the demon battle, you will be shown one more tutorial top top Fusion.

Notes:- come fuse, produce an attack directly behind an currently attack. Both assaults must be of the same form and colour.- combination attacks will constantly use the fastest charge time.- combination attacks incorporate the full power of every formations used.- over there is no limit to the amount of assaults that deserve to be fused.- walls can likewise be fused to produce stronger walls by creating a wall formation on height of an existing wall.

After the tutorial, fight and defeat Kullor, your an initial boss, who will start with a wall. Use your Elite systems to run this hurdle. After ~ the battle, you have a brand-new quest, "Druid Tree Attack". Prior to moving on, open the chest for one more artifact, Golden Roots (Artifact 2/10). You can only undertake one artifact at a time, for this reason take your pick.

Go out the cave and also move north towards the Druid Tree. Together you move north, talk to the Bounty certified dealer on your appropriate for a side quest; "Cromir". You must find and also return him. He is actually basic to find. Go south, and then west towards where Maethorn was assaulted to discover him. You must an initial battle him (Bounty 1/5). After beating him, go back to the agent for her reward. You have the right to accept one more two quests from the Bounty Agent right away; "Skullbrow" or "Cuthlion". Both work-related in the same way as before; you should find and defeat the called person.

On her right, you will certainly pass a Deer Unit Dwelling, therefore feel totally free to invest some cash here. On her left room some resources and a cave. In this cave, you can find a demon guarding another artifact; Deer Antler (Artifact 3/10) and Skullbrow, among the opponents for your bounty quest. Be careful though, Skullbrow is level 5, therefore you may want come return here later to defeat him. If you can defeat him, go earlier to the Bounty agent to collection your price (Bounty 2/5).

Continue northwards once you"re ready. A villager will appear. Relocate left come collect some resources, and then proceed northwards to meet a Druid. Friend will obtain 3 Druids (Druid upstream Units). To the left of the Druid is a Druid Unit Dwelling, for this reason you can buy much more if friend so please. There is additionally an elf come the right, blocking enntrance gate to a cave. Don"t battle him yet, together he is most likely too hard for you at this moment in time. Continue northwards to the tree.

Collect the resources above you and also then battle the Griffin Knight. Proceed up the tree beating the 2 Knights sawing the tree. In this battle, aim your units to specifically attack where the Knights are standing. Keep in mind that they do move left and also right one space. After ~ this fight, walk right and also defeat the knight guarding the chest for one more artifact, an Elder Staff (Artifact 4/10). Now go ago left, defeat the Knight and also continue come the within of the tree. Inside, girlfriend will find Sir Strata, one more boss. He has actually Champion units, therefore beware of these. Shot to remove the powerful units early, and you should conveniently defeat him! the should likewise be noted that you should avoid attack the small dude with the flashing shield (Euny). He moves from left come right, and ago again. Bare this in mental when setting up assaults that take multiple turns.

After the battle, friend are provided a brand-new quest; Stop the War. Open up the chests top top left and also right that the room because that money and another artifact, Doubling Cape (Artifact 5/10), and then leave the room for one more cut-scene/dialogue, ~ which you will have used sheet gliders to walk to a brand-new area. If you wish, you deserve to go upwards to return to the Druid Tree if you essential to share up on elite units.

Before moving earlier down, move right and defeat the Elf blocking the cave (assuming you room levelled sufficient now). As soon as you have actually done so, go into the cave. Inside, there are some resources, and also a new kind of special unit; Unicorns (Unicorn one-of-a-kind Units). When you have actually purchased the lot of Unicorns you want, exit the cave. Move downwards and also talk to the Druid. The will give you Emerald dragon (Emerald Dragon Champion Units). There will be a accuse for using these units.

Notes:- Champion attacks are created by placing 4 Core devices behind a Champion unit.- The Core devices must enhance the color of the Champion unit. - all Champion units have special abilities. The Emerald Dragon sprays acid on the battlefield. - Champion systems are also significantly more powerful than various other units.- similar to Elite units, the it is provided of Champion units is limited.

Equip the Emerald Dragon and also move more downwards. Disregard the red-headed male for now. Talk to the Treant, Twigleaf, come his right, and then battle him (Side pursuit 1/2). Loss him and he will sign up with you. In this battle, there space two already-charged Champion units. You need to defeat them before they strike. You carry out not necessarily need to defeat lock to success the battle. As lengthy as girlfriend don"t lose after lock attack, you will win. I recommend setup up Elite and also Champion systems in line them, therefore they space drained or defeated prior to they attack. Keep in mind that they might recover some health and wellness after every turn. Success the battle, and you will certainly collect 2 Treants, the last unit-type because that this project (Treant Champion Units). Automatically to the right is the Unit Dwelling for Treants have to you want more.

You have the right to now go back to the Bounty certified dealer to start two an ext side-quests; Sparky and also Angrod. Sparky is the red-headed man you passed earlier (Bounty 3/5). The is level 8 in ~ the moment, for this reason you can attempt to fight him if girlfriend want. Girlfriend should be able to defeat the now, especially if you usage your Champion units effectively. Collection your bounty and then go to the area best of where you met the Treant.

In this brand-new area, there is another Bounty agent to the right. You need to have built up all bounties now though. Instead, move upwards and battle Varkas. Defeat him for another cut-scene.

Go left to speak to Nelir for your an initial Battle Puzzle. These are various than regular battles. You have actually just ONE turn, with three moves. In this one turn, girlfriend must ruin every adversary unit top top the battlefeld. Developing chains will certainly be important, so ceiling this in mind. If you gain stuck, the walkthrough have a text guide and also a video for each puzzle. Over there is an achievement for perfect them all, so complete them as they appear. Nelir has two Puzzles, therefore beat both while you room here.

Nelir #1. An initial remove the Bear listed below the Dragon to produce a wall surface of four Hunters. Now relocate the 2 Bears top top the left to type the Champion Dragon unit. With your staying two moves, relocate the two Bears ~ above the right to the upstream Deer unit (Battle Puzzle 1/4). Video credit to YouTube user, Eougne.

Nelir #2. Move the be affected by each other on the best to below the bear on the left. Remove the Hunter over these bear to create a main point Bear attack. Remove the be affected by each other in the peak right. Now merely move the Pixies to create the core Treant unit (Battle Puzzle 2/4).

Beat both the Nelir"s Puzzle Battles, and he will provide you an artifact, Treant Sap (Artifact 6/10). From Nelir, walk right and defeat Sir Nathanson in a friendly fight (Side pursuit 2/2). After defeating him, open the chest for an additional artifact, Dragon scales (Artifact 7/10). Relocate upwards. Come the right is the Unit Dwelling for the Emerald Dragon. Come the left is Cuthlion, one of the bounties (Bounty 4/5). Loss him, collection the Boost Boots (Artifact 8/10) indigenous the chest, and also then collection your bounty indigenous the Bounty certified dealer (either one will do).

Move ago upwards in the direction of Varkas for an additional battle. In this battle, friend must defend the large acorn on the battlefield, while still defeating the enemy. ~ the dialogue, walk left to collection the loot. Now go ideal to exit the area. Here, you must solve a small puzzle to overcome the river. Press A to push logs right into the river. Come reset the puzzle, press all logs in. Push the third log first, then the fourth, climate the second, and also then ultimately the first. Psychic to open up the chest on the island prior to crossing because that the Ring the Life artifact (Artifact 9/10). Phibìc of the flow you will find Unit homes for Druids and Treants. Restock if you wish, and also then relocate upwards.

Work your method up the path, defeating Demons as you go, until you fulfill Klaw and Virk. Fight these too. ~ that, Azexes will appear. Gain him! over there are various things you must be conscious of because that this battle. Firstly, you have to aim your attacks at him. There is no opponent Zone at the earlier of the area. His human body (and area because that harming him) take it up just two squares. Secondly, his attacks charge up for three rounds. You should try to either eliminate these assaults by aiming her own assaults at them, or defend versus them. Ns recommend act both. Thirdly, Azexes moves around the area. Once you check out the yellow ring, the is where he will move to. Girlfriend should take into consideration planning front by creating assaults to the area where damage Azexes after that moves.

Winning this fight will certainly unlock Findan for usage in Multiplayer. Irollan is now significant as complete. The holy Griffin realm is currently available. However, there space still some things to perform in Irollan. When you gain the chance, save, quit and also reload Irollan...

Make your method to the Druid Tree when more. Together you room climbing, you should find an additional person (a Ranger) through a Puzzle Battle. Talk to them and complete both of their Puzzle Battles.

Ranger #1. Begin by removing the wall above the yellow Druid. Next, move the Bear listed below the yellow Druid come the blue Druid. Remove the Pixie to develop a Druid attack. Complete off by moving both Hunters come the yellow Druid (Battle Puzzle 3/4)

Ranger #2. Start by removing one of two people of the two highest Hunters to produce a wall and a Hunter attack. Eliminate the just Bear that continues to be for one more Hunter attack. You now want to produce two Deer attacks. Move one Pixie to the Deer+Pixie. Now move the various other Deer to the left, next to the Pixie. Finish off by moving the two continuing to be Pixies to the left-most Deer (Battle Puzzle 4/4).

For completing both puzzles, the Ranger will offer you Vine Gloves (Artifact 10/10). You must now have all artefacts from this campaign.

Continue increase the Druid Tree and also you should uncover Angrod top top the left side. He is the last staying bounty (Bounty 5/5). Defeat him! currently return to either Bounty certified dealer to collect your reward. You must now have actually completed all pursuits in this campaign.

Suggested area because that Unstoppable Army!

If friend wish, you might go to the cave to the west the the very first Bounty Hunter to grind the end your Hero and Unit levels. Over there is an accomplishment for maxing the end all Hero and Unit level in any type of campaign. Hopefully by currently your Hero is near level 10 (mine was level 9), and most of her Units space level 5. These room the max amounts. Equip her un-max-levelled units and move around the previously mentioned cave. Girlfriend will sometimes be ambushed by a level 4/5 demon. Save winning till all units have actually been maxed out. You might even pick to perform this earlier if you want to make the finish boss in the campaign much easier.

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If friend don"t desire to do this success now, it may be cautious to return to it ~ completing every campaigns, simply in instance you with the achievement naturally, or discover a much better place come grind in a later on campaign. For each campaign, an area has actually been suggested at the bottom that the page.