My husband and also I haven"t chose on a center name because that our girl. We are collection on Katherine because that her an initial name as it is in memory of my mom who passed away and we both love the name as well. Right now we both prefer Elizabeth and Elena however are open to various other suggestions.

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That"s so sweet! center names are hardly ever used, so anything the has definition to you will do nicely. My only caveat is if you have a really lengthy last name, you might want come go with a short middle surname to make filling out forms easier.

Thanks! us do have actually a lengthy last name. That"s the one think swaying me in the direction of Elena of the two I have come up v at this point.

Catherine is such a standard timeless name i think the Elizabeth go the finest with it. Very classic



My surname is Katherine Elizabeth. I’ve always loved it! the pretty and long without being also feminine.

You have a an extremely beautiful name. Do you think it would have actually felt too lengthy if you had actually a long last name? Or probably it would not mattered also much because middle names room not supplied too often.


I do have a lengthy last name! ns loved that it was so long honestly. The felt choose I got more name than everyone else as a boy lol. Mine maiden name is 9 letters.

I"m Catherine Elizabeth, so that gets my poll ;) I get compliments on mine name, yet it is a little bit long which have the right to be a pains sometimes.My maiden name was 8 letters. My name is constantly cut off on college rosters & one of my driver"s licenses and it took forever in college to fill the end those bubble answer sheets whereby you have to bubble in your name. But, it"s pretty so ns didn"t mind also much.

What about Katherine Eliza? I like Elena too. How about Mary, Marie, Leah,or Elle.

Katherine doesn’t fit v the E center name come me for part reason. Probably a much shorter name.

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Katherine Ella/Elle

Katherine Nicole

Katherine Claire

Katherine Lena

Katherine Iris

Katherine Ivy

Ohhh I prefer the surname Lena. But when ns say Katherine Lena out loud, it type of sounds favor one lengthy name comparable to "Katerina". More than likely not a big deal since middle names aren"t supplied all that much.

I think if both the first and last name are lengthy that the a good idea come go v a much shorter maybe one syllable middle name... Ns like-

Katherine Beth

Katherine Jane

Katherine Belle

Katherine Rose

(I love the surname Catherine- surname of my grandma who passed before I was born when my mom was young for this reason Catherine or Cate will certainly be a top contender for a middle name if I ever have a girl)