Protect your brand-new Lumia purchase with these stylish instances designed for flair or function—or both!

While Lumia phones are developed to last v sturdy construction and high-end materials, mishaps happen.

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Gravity will certainly win out versus the toughest phone as soon as dropped from a considerable height, for this reason outfitting your brand-new Microsoft Lumia 640 or Microsoft Lumia 640 XL v a protective case is a clever decision.

In fact, there space plenty of factors to purchase a instance to protect your investment. In enhancement to staying clear of a shattered screen or cracked casing from an inadvertently drop, a good case additionally prevents scratches on your camera lens and also maintains her Lumia’s resale value.

But i m sorry one execute you need? here are 10 good cases for your Lumia 640 and also Lumia 640 XL:

Prices detailed are topic to change.


Microsoft flip Cover for Lumia 640 (List price: $25 USD)

Available in black, cyan, and orange, this flip situation protects the front and earlier of your Lumia 640. The prior flap has a cardholder for her ID and credit card—no more wallet!


LK Lumia 640 Wallet case (List price: $39.99 USD; Sale: $9.99 USD)

Need a bit much more room? The Lumia 640 Wallet instance (available in black, purple, hot pink, and also sky blue) is a animal leather folding situation with multiple card and also money pockets for storing credit cards and cash. A built-in stand lets you clock videos without having actually to organize your phone.


Luxca Lumia 640 Xtreme hefty Duty Hybrid Armor (List price: $29.99 USD; Sale: $4.99)

This heavy-duty situation is for active Lumia 640 owners. Equipped with a shell constructed from impact-resistant polycarbonate and double enforced through a shock-absorbing silicone inner-sleeve, this instance should safeguard your Lumia from any kind of impact. It additionally features a integrated kickstand and also belt holster.


iWire Lumia 640 LTE Two-Tone Wallet animal leather Phone case (List price: $26.99 USD; Sale: $9.98 USD)

Sold in a multitude of color combinations, the iWire wallet leather case cradles her Lumia 640 LTE through style. The prior flap has actually two pockets because that cash and also cards and comes v a touch-screen pen usable with your phone’s screen.


Cimo Premium Slim TPU versatile Soft instance for Lumia 640 (List price: $29.98 USD; Sale: $7.98 USD)

This soft instance offers a slimmer, less bulky alternative while quiet protecting your Lumia 640. It’s make from a shock-absorbing, shatterproof material that’s contoured to help you tight it. Friend can obtain the case in clear, black, and purple.

Microsoft Lumia 640 XL cases

Evocel double Layer Armor Protector situation for Lumia 640 XL (List price: $10.99 USD)

This attractive however sturdy case is constructed of high-quality polycarbonate v shock-absorbing corners. It’s accessible in black, white, gold, and red.

SOJITEK Lumia 640 XL Transparent Silicone Soft Rubber Protective situation (List price: $17.99 USD; Sale: $7.99 USD)

This simple transparent rubber situation keeps the wear and also tear on your Lumia 640 XL come a minimum while maintaining its thin, clean design. Better yet, you can enjoy the watch of her Lumia without covering it up.

SOJITEK Lumia 640 XL animal leather Wallet case with stand (List price: $9.99 USD)

Choose native multiple colour (such together black, purple, white, yellow, and more) with this soft leather case that includes four map slots and two slot for cash in that wallet design. That can also be urgently to rotate the case into a stand.

Caseformers Duo Armor because that Lumia 640 XL (List price: $24.99 USD; Sale: $9.99 USD)

These colorful and also rugged cases administer ample defense for her Lumia 640 XL. It’s available in number of bright colors and the case also includes a kickstand for TV watching.

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Aero Armor Protective situation for Lumia 640 XL (List price: $29.99 USD; Sale: $9.99 USD)

A compromise between fashion and armor, the Aero armor protective situation has a high-tech plating design and multi-layer construction for maximum affect resistance. The not too hefty and also comes in number of colors such together black, green, red, orange, and also hot pink.