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Posted: Jun. 15 2007, 15:59 ET
prices are $1326.14 because that the gun/tripod and T&E kit.$210.00 because that the crate kit with ammo cans, leather, hardware...etc.I'll answer questions as best I deserve to here and the other sites listed.....Lakesideguns.com will certainly be THE site where you will get online straight assistence from me during your build.I deserve to be reached directly at 920-897-4682 or sales
lakesideguns.comthanks to all...ERIC

Posted: Jun. 15 2007, 16:53 ET

Wow, the is cool, Welcome to RCG!

Posted: Jun. 15 2007, 17:18 ET

Any chance of a kit because that the pistol only?

Posted: Jun. 15 2007, 17:25 ET

For legality sake i am requiring that the pistol be offered with the tripod. Follow to BATF preeminence from back in 1984 and also reafirmed in 2002....the semi-auto miniatuires should be addressed to the tripod or a comparable sysytem to add "additional bulk" as to be totally free of the AOW NFA catagory. Apparently BATF feeling the gun by itself is concealable and also therefore would certainly be NFA catigorized.I have duplicates of the old 1984 file that Tippmann received and the reafirmation document I received once I to buy the company. Every builder will obtain these copies with the kits. The ideal side bowl (receiver) is not finished, but in "blank" form with simply the synopsis finished. The builder will require to complete the charging slot, drill and also tap 5 holes and also mill two 1/8" slots. The top feed cover pivot feet is also missing. A full detailed print is offered for this operations.ERIC

Posted: Jun. 15 2007, 17:40 ET

I have the right to only hope the you will continue to placed these with each other for generations to come. I'd say the the price is an extremely reasonable, however the time frame is a bit tight. Pole me in your pipeline for a future purchase. Ns cant wait come play through it.


Posted: Jul. 28 2007, 08:41 ET

Wow, how did I miss this? Guys, I have one the Eric's LM-7's. The ingredient Eric to produce is hefty parkerized steel, and is engineered choose a Swiss watch. This is no pot metal hunk that junk. The browning system in .22 is really cool. You'll prefer it a lot.

Posted: Aug. 5 2007, 06:32 ET

Are accessible only plans?

Posted: Sep. 19 2007, 14:24 ET

I carry out not offer plans. You room waaaaaay much better of gaining the kits as all the challenging stuff and also castings space there because that you........building it all from scratch would it is in a huge project, I've done many of the work for you. ERIC

Posted: Sep. 19 2007, 17:22 ET

I'm quiet in the pipeline


Posted: Sep. 20 2007, 12:40 ET

I'd love to authorize up, but 1300 is out of my price range for a kit.

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Looks great, though. And also sounds fun.

Posted: Oct. 10 2007, 03:34 ET

Wonder is the price incorporate the have the right to of hill Dew..

Yah i really would choose one.. Too bad, where I came from these points are completely illegal...
heck we aren't even permitted to very own a normal semi auto choose a 10/22

Posted: Oct. 11 2007, 16:02 ET

i would snap up the gun only, however you cantyou should sell all the actors parts and plans for the machined parts for much less. I would go 700 for the kit except the tripod. How about just bolting ~ above a 5 lb lining o steel to add weight and size

Posted: Dec. 25 2013, 13:51 ET

Here's a notice to one and also all: together of 31 Dec 2013, Lakeside an equipment LLC is closing it's doors. In beforehand 2014, the company will it is in going up for sale.http://www.lakesideguns.com/Murph