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I have the right to say that ns made itCuz in my heart I"m the biggest (yeah)I been through it allThis tune is because that everyone out thereWho"s ever made it with the tough timesYou know?I been through it allFor anyone whos ever had to struggleFor what they want in lifeThis track is for everyone who had to sit through the dark daysBefore they witnessed the lightFor everyone who"s been through it allI been with it allShoutout come my pan manThis ones because that yall babyUh, i been with it allCrazy, since I never ever thought I"d to speak thatNaw, the price to be the boss, never ever though I"d payment thatHeaded come the topWithout the friend I"ve had actually since method back... Experiences watching mine life pat backDamn, and also I aint never ever sold a brickBut I might show you where to obtain itAnd I could show you just how to flipMy whole life has been a hustleSince mine momma bounced on her kidAnd ns aint never scared of dramaI to be born increase in the shitCuz that was as soon as upon a time mother fuckerWe to be fine and also I was simply a tiny snobby mommy fuckerThen the changedNow these civilization wanna journey me mommy fuckerNew atmosphere I mr like obtain a job mother fuckerYeah so i did the wasn"t with that so ns quit thatTold them around my dreams and also then they laughedBut i spit the fire couldn"t refuse it so come quiet that with chip yeahThey"d shut that up and still i won"t forget thatMan fuck y"allAnd ns won"t put that behind meEven though i left the pastAnd I"m still the son nowEven though i left the classI"m on and also it took everything from A to Z to perform itSo noþeles I"m talking I"ve been v itI been with it allHad come hustle just to survive the strugglesBut ns still won"t let that gain me downThrew my bills right into musicSo the world can hear me every aroundEvery town andEvery cityEvery state and also every countryI can say that i made itCause in my love I"m the greatestBecause i been through it allLook in April ns was born in ~ 14 ns was a felonBy 18 I had been to an ext funerals 보다 a ReverandAnd right when I felt choose I"s offer it up look what they sent meMy beautiful baby girl straight out of heavenAnd i love you girlAnd even though the was never a part of the planAnd civilization doubted it since of who I amI expect they understandThat in ~ 19 v the human being in mine handsI stepped up and handled the shit favor a manI"ve been homeless I"ve been brokeDone every drug other than for cokeI done fucked because that my lifeBeen jumped shot at and also moreI"ve been rich and I"ve been poorHad to steal indigenous the storeOn nights there wasn"t shit come eatSeen my finest friends go downSo what the fuck can you perhaps say come meThe verict is I"m the truthAnd you can thank recently juryBut if you wanna judge come to walk a mile in my chucksBut the world sucks, much better Lace Up, UghkI been through it allHad to hustle simply to make it through the strugglesBut i still won"t allow that acquire me downThrew mine bills right into musicSo the people can hear me all aroundEvery town andEvery cityEvery state and every countryI have the right to say that i made itCause in my love I"m the greatestBecause ns been with it allOk, ns been made out to it is in a monsterBut the only thing aggresive about me is the will certainly that I have to conquerI told them i was the bestAnd they doubted yet no longerOut of every the... They can hear mine hungerAnd if that"s wrong 보다 I don"t wanna it is in rightI"m always dreamin" for this reason I"m unable to do in the nightAnd currently it"s fact I"m calling house like I"ll be unable to do on this flightBut how have the right to I contact a location that doesn"t exist in mine lifeHome, ns guess that I"ll just be alone for the rideAnd live vicariously with anothers eyesAdd the on come the list of liesSo mine girl doesn"t to trust me because that shitProbably cuz after my momma left ns ain"t trusted a chickShit and also my father drowning his problems with the bottleWhile I"m play my... I have the right to see tomorrowCause cancer ain"t a jokeAnd I just lost one of my finest friendsTo the pen so ns don"t wanna live againI been through itHad to hustle simply to endure the strugglesBut ns still won"t let that get me downThrew my bills into musicSo the people can hear me all aroundI been with it allEvery town andEvery cityEvery state and also every countryI have the right to say that i made itCause in my heart I"m the greatestBecause ns been with it allAnd if you ever before have a dreamDon"t be scared to follow that shit manYou can have everything you want in this lifeDon"t permit anyone tell you differentAnd shoutout to my fans for helping me accomplish my dreamsKells