Infiltrate the base and secure the Honey punishment in this Metal equipment Solid 5 Where do the Bees Sleep Mission Walkthrough. Mission 6 Guide.

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This Metal equipment Solid 5 Where perform the Bees Sleep? mission guide will display you how to complete mission 6 of the main MGS5 campaign. During this mission your major objective will be to locate and also recover the honey Bee, a task which is actually much simpler to finish than you might expect. Follow our Metal gear Solid 5 - Where carry out the Bees Sleep? Mission overview - Mission 6 Walkthrough for every the information you need.

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Metal equipment Solid 5 Where carry out the Bees Sleep Mission overview - Mission 6 Walkthrough

There is just one landing zone the you have the right to start from, so have actually your helicopter drop girlfriend off and get ready for a lengthy trip down a winding road. Over there are fairly a lot of opponent positions follow me the way, however for the most part you deserve to bypass them without compromising your major objective.

Ride forward till you point out an outpost simply ahead of wherein the helicopter dropped you off. You have the right to take this if girlfriend want, however you can also bypass that by using the off-road course that runs to the right of the outpost itself. This path will actually attach you back to the key road, so girlfriend might too save part time and also take the shortcut. Of course, if you require some products for mom Base, feel complimentary to assault and loot this place as you view fit.


The next significant obstacle in your route will be the hill Relay Base, but you should have the ability to ride front for quite some time before that appears. When it does, dismount your horse and also spend some time scoping that out utilizing your binoculars. The basic itself is spread out across quite a little of land, and also you’ll recognize you’re in the right ar if there is some scaffolding in the ravine below.

How friend proceed below is as much as you, however no issue what you select the an obstacle level is fairly low. You have the right to sneak past this place without harming any type of of the foe soldiers, or you deserve to take them all out as you move along, looting the place for the materials. We opted to sneak past, doing for this reason by sticking to the left side of the roadway at every times. Us silently took the end the occasional soldier that was in our way, however for the most component we left things as castle were.

When girlfriend are past the mountain Relay Base, there will certainly be two additional outposts prior to you have the right to sneak into the base that holds your primary objective. The an initial is occupied by three soldiers, and again you deserve to just sneak past if the suits you. Girlfriend can additionally just to walk up and also shoot these fools, together they space secluded sufficient that no one will be able to hear the gunfire. Just be sure not to enable any of lock to get on the radio.


As you progress forward you will certainly reach yet one more outpost, this one located on height of a hill with the road running up to it. You’ll uncover this outpost just after Ocelot speak you about the enemy gunship in the area, which is a good marker to know that you’re ~ above the same page as us.

Don’t follow the road up come the outpost, instead picking to take it the path that shoots out to the left at the base of the hill. This need to see girlfriend crawling northwest, and also to the phibìc (consult your iDROID) you will see two rock structures. The one on the ideal is rather a bit bigger than the one on the left. You want to move in between those structures, acquisition you ago to the road.

While you’re doing this friend will need to mind the helicopter and also searchlight overhead. The best way to move is by traveling once the chopper is away, and going prone and also entering stealth mode when it gets close to your position. Of course, taking cover in bushes is beneficial, yet for the most part evading the chopper is a piece of cake.

After friend pass v the 2 rock structures and hit the road, rotate right and follow it until you view a route off come the left. If friend consult her iDROID again, this route will present that it leader to Da Smasei Laman. Monitor it till you arrive at a cliff the overlooks the exterior of the base. From below you will want to take a couple of moments to scout the area, marking any and also all opponents that you can. Pay distinct attention to the area to her left, together this is whereby the prisoner is located that will certainly lead you to the Honey bee weapon.


Before you try moving through the area, usage your suppressed weapon to death the soldier in the safety tower. He shouldn’t be spotted by anyone else, and this renders sneaking about the area much easier. When you’re ready, drop under the left next of the cliff, and also then relocate left along the wall. You’ll reach an area with some materials, as well as some stormy Diamonds. Snatch lock up, and then start sneaking towards the prisoner and also the three guards that are with him.

As you get close the prisoner will begin leading the soldiers right into the fort. You must stick v them if you want to uncover the weapon, so start sneaking forward while maintaining to their left. They’ll pass a lone guard, and also if you desire to get rid of him your tranquilizer dart is the ideal bet. Just be mindful that if you take it too long to complete the mission, the soldier will wake increase again.

Continue to monitor the soldiers all the method to the Honey bee weapon concealed deep in ~ the fort. You’ll have to avoid some added patrols, however don’t be afraid to allow the prisoner and also soldiers go a tiny ways ahead. Use your tranquilizer dart as often as possible, and also be sure that girlfriend don’t allow anyone sound an alarm for call for help.


You’ll recognize you’re in the right location when you with an open up area through a human body of water in front of you. There will be a huge stone on the left side, just in case you needed another landmark to help guide you. When you’re looking in ~ this area, head come the left and you’ll you see a collection of rooms. The last room will have a short rock corridor the leads to a back room, and next come a box and also some bottles will be the Honey punishment weapon. Snag it, and also then carry out as you’re told and call in your helicopter to acquire a ride home.

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It’s about this time that the Skulls show up, and after a brief cut step you’ll have to use the honey Bee tools to take the end your adversaries. Girlfriend should be able to equip that from your major weapons list, and it functions the same as every other gun. Target it, permit it to lock on, and then obliterate the Skulls until the shore is clear. From below you have the right to grab the surrounding jeep and head to the extraction zone to complete the mission.