Who is Mercedes Iman Diamond from RuPaul’s Drag race Season 11? Pic credit: VH1

Mercedes Iman Diamond is at this time a 30-year-old queen living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, however she’s not from the US. In fact, she calls herself an african princess native Kenya.

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She was born in Kenya but moved come the joined States once she to be 11.

However, the traction queen called Mercedes wasn’t born till 10 years later at the age of 21 ~ she began attending the world-famous ’90s gay clubs in downtown Minneapolis.

It was below that Mercedes Iman Diamond discovered her identity and her loyal fan base.

Mercedes may be a huge threat because that those who don’t feel comfortable ~ above the stage. She cases to own any stage she procedures on, and she records the fist of the audience v her presence.

This can be a competitive sheet that can be a threat to the various other competitors.

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On Mercedes Iman Diamond’s Instagram, fans deserve to see the she’s both a glamorous drag queen and a fabulous African man in a suit. Iman Diamond’s capacity to readjust to every instance is amazing.

Diamond’s website describes that drag conserved her life. It’s uncertain how that occurred exactly, however it’s miscellaneous she may talk about on the show. However, she does open up about growing up in a an overwhelming environment due to the fact that of she bisexuality.

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Mercedes Iman Diamond brings endure to the competition. She’s been an impersonator for 10 years and also she recently mutual a picture of herself with RuPaul’s Drag race All-Stars Season 4 winner, Monet X Change.

Maybe Iman Diamond gained some advice indigenous the winner, as the reflects were filmed months ago.

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Mercedes Iman Diamond’s story and competitive edge will certainly be fun to watch on RuPaul’s Drag gyeongju Season 11, i beg your pardon starts tonight.

RuPaul’s Drag race airs Thursdays in ~ 9/8c on VH1.

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