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Always, AlwaysWe were constantly together, weren’t we?Always, AlwaysI was constantly thinking of youYou additionally felt this way, you to be the sameThese feel of our consumed everythingBack then, earlier thenI to be willing to store on livingYou claimed that ns reflected the true ‘you’You, filled v sadness, filled v hatredbegan idolizing meThis "idol’ you prayer isn’t me - she doesn’t existBut back then, she was practically for youA patchwork of memoriesI wonder what will come from your hesitationI’ll provide you clues on just how to live your life wellMy advice is soft and gentle;To be an oblate is come live in a present that never ever advances;To suddenly readjust your methods will instantly cut your daily life in twoWe’ll have the ability to extinguish everything, native the minute us met up until now, simply by reaffirming our loveFall down to the bottom of her consciousness and also there ns exist - the boundary the you lend her mouth and also ears toI sing as a distractionIn this daily life made out of foamYou room no much longer a “sparkling moment” because that meI rememberyourscentDeep, deep in your consciousnessYou continue to be all aloneOn the day, at the timeI dreamt a dream I’d currently dreamt beforeOn that day, at that timeMuch choose that repeating dream I continuously thought of youI’m far more of a crybaby than you mental me being -I’m waiting here for youHow space you going come live now?How room you walk to keep living now?You’ll never ever change, remaining prefer this until the work you dieYour true feelings have sunk come the bottom the a deep and also dark swamp -Yes, they’ve built and also built until they’ve submarine overThe scene - our memories of those timesbeautiful memories stacked on peak of every otherWonderful - terrific - that girl was so lot funYou hated that girlI’ve functioned hard for myself -What have you done because that yourself?When you notice the scattered piece of the mirrorYou’ll realize I wanted you come noticeIs this quiet going on? Is this tho happening?Even despite I’d been wait for youEven though ns loved youEternal love only exists in distressEternal love certainly doesn’t exist anywhere anymore