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By Staff Reports

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Publimelted 8:48 pm Tuesday, December 22, 2020

“May your days be merry and bright” – and also the completion of that line, as we all understand is, “and also may all your Christmases be white.”

Penned by Irving Berlin, this song reminisces on white Christmases of yore, “just prefer the ones I used to recognize,” the lyrics reflect wistfully.

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Well, here in Alabama, our white Christmases are few and also much between, and although there is a possibility of snowautumn this Christmas Eve, treetops glistening through scurrently isn’t necessarily our wish for you.

We carry out, yet, hope your days will certainly be merry and bbest.

This has been an undeniably hard year, and even the arrival of “the holidays” can’t erase the struggles we have actually faced, both individually and collectively as a neighborhood.

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In spite of this reality, we right here at the Franklin County Times are hopeful for much better days ahead for all of us. We invite you to sign up with us in that hopeful optimism.

“Even the darkest night will certainly end and the sun will climb,” as Victor Hugo created in “Les Miserables.” Even via all the obstacles 2020 has carried – chiefly, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic and also whatever it has actually resulted in – we can be particular tough times don’t last forever.

In a seaboy traditionally devoted to finding higher joy, to being thankful and also generous and also eager for the days ahead, let’s raise a glass – a cup of great cheer, if you will – to the hope for a happier horizon.

Due to the fact that March it has periodically appeared we had actually nopoint however sad news to report, from hospitalizations and deaths to college closures and also event cancellations. Regardless of that, we recognize good has come from this year, and also we know good will certainly come in the years ahead.

Christmas existing is below today, bringing joy that lasts.

As you go through your holiday seachild, we hope you discover that joy that lasts. Even if you’re not gaining to enjoy all the traditions that usually acfirm the holiday seachild – whether you’re mourning the Christmas parades or reluctantly canceling you family members gathering – let’s look on the bbest side.