Oh. My. Word! Who has actually seen the latest from Dooney? room you a true mary Poppins fan? If not, you deserve to walk away, contact me crazy and also call the a day. But if girlfriend are, stick with me and read all around Mary Poppins and Dooney Bourke Team Up because that The can be fried Bag!!


Okay, here is the deal! I prospered up on mar Poppins and also I absolutely adore her. I watched her on VHS (remember VHS? That shows my age doesn’t it?) and also would dance and sing through her favor she to be my nanny. I am quiet infatuated with her and will knock a kid down to fulfill her in ~ Disney. I know, i am mean, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do. My very own daughter knows that mom needs her time with Mary Poppins alone, prior to she pops into the pic through us. (Don’t judge me!)

When I observed these bags ns knew I had actually to have one! it brought back a item of my childhood and also made me think of less complicated times. OKay, currently I to be going a small overboard, however it’s the truth. Mar Poppins just lights mine fire and makes me happy!

Mary Poppins and Dooney Bourke Team Up for The ultimate Bag

One that the most beautiful civilization I recognize (inside and out) saw these bags in ~ the Co Op in Disney Springs and also gave united state a tour of the bags friend can pick from. Adrienne, AKA, 

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disneytripsandsips on Instagram to be kind sufficient to display us the magic the these unique bags. Through the way, if you execute not follow her on Instagram, you require to! She has actually an remarkable feed the you will extensively enjoy, ns promise!

The mary Poppins Dooney and also Bourke’s come in three various sizes:Crossbody Wallet: The Crossbody Wallet retails for $178 and has the many amazing purple lining! This bag is comparably small to the other bags, so save that in mind as soon as deciding on i m sorry bag is appropriate for you.

Where come Buy

These bags are available on the Shop Disney Parks App. They have been spotted in ~ Uptown Jewelers in ~ Magic Kingdom, Mousegear in ~ Epcot and also The Marketplace Co Op at Disney Springs. Us have also been called they to be released in ~ Disneyland, together well. If you room a Disneyland local we would love to hear if you have seen them anywhere.

Now the you found the perfect bag, learn how to pack it prefer a pro!

Head on over to our on facebook group, DISNEY refer LANE, and also show united state your DOONEY & DISNEY BAGS! We would love to see them!

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