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Those that are familiar with the functions of R&B singer/songwriter, mary J. Blige can know her ex-husband boy name Issacs aka Kendu Issacs. Castle tied the knot back in 2003, and their life together a married couple ended legitimate in 2018. Before their marriage, the previous lover was associated professionally. Kendu was the manager of Mary. Let’s learn much more about him on today’s article.

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The father of 3 Kendu Isaacs Love Life: Marriages and also Divorces

Kendu Isaacswas a married man prior to he tied the knot withMary J. Blige. The welcomed 2 sons,NasandJordan, through his very first wife. Prior to that, he was additionally raising a daughter,Brianna,who result from his teenage relationship.

Kendu Isaacs and also Mary J Blige with Nas and also Jordan. Photo Source: Hollywood Mask

Indeed, Kendu to be the father of 3 before starting his married life with Mary; however, that’s no all. According toLive Ramp Up, when the ex-couple acquired together in 2003, Kendu to be still through his wife.

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It’s said, due to that, Brianna harbored resentment towards Mary, which finished up with Brianna running away from home at the age of 15. Further, she got tangled with cocaine ending up being an addict. Luckily, whatever is fine as of now; however, sources insurance claim she professed sorrow over the divorce of she dad, Kendu, and step-mom, Mary.

Divorce Settlement between Kendu Isaacs and His Ex-wife mary J. Blige

The previous pair, Kendu Isaacs and also Mary J. Blige, ended their relationship. They go separate courses in 2016, and also after around two years, your divorce gained finalized in 2018.

According toAmo Mama, Kendu was the one that cheated on Mary; if they to be still in a marital relationship, the was dating someone else. Although the isn’t for sure, it’s believed that he was v a lot younger woman,Starshell, a rising artist who Blige took under she wings together a protégé.

Kendu through Mary and also Starshell in an event. Picture Source: Hollywood Mask

When Mary uncovered out around Kendu cheating her, she filed for a divorce. However, it took over 2 years because that it to settle legally. Why? due to the fact that Mary’s estranged husband, Kendu, asked she to salary him$30 thousandin short-lived spousal support.

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Furthermore, in 2017, he even appealed to rise spousal support, pointing out being unemployed and also impoverished. The asked for around$65 thousandper month.

After all that, Mary found that Kendu, 49, never ever loved her, and also he was only with she for she money. Surely, she had actually a tough time digesting the harsh reality learning her lover was a fraud. Yet Kendu was additionally facing some challenging time after ~ his cover was blown. His condition was so bad he also got hospitalized, as provided byThe Blast.

Kendu Isaacs net Worth arsenal as of 2020

Speaking the Kendu Isaacs’s network worth, that holds an approximated net worth of $4.5 million, as of 2020. But, if he to be married to his ex,Mary, he delighted in 10% of her gross income, asJust Richestpointed out. However, that privilege finished when his partnership with she ended.

Kendu Isaacs to be married come music mogul mar J. Blige photograph Source: Instagram

Indeed, Kendu lost every one of those luxuries he had actually when he to be married to Mary. As result of that, he faced a gaue won crisis, which likewise put him into a hospital bed. Further, since of that, that was questioning for extr amounts in spousal support.

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After all ups and downs sources insurance claim Kendu’s ago in business. He’s tho in the music sector as a producer and manager.

How lot is Kendu Isaacs worth?

As that 2020, Kendu Isaacs has an approximated net worth of $4.5 million.