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Having spent some years coding applications for macOS we’ve created a device that everybody deserve to use. The all-round problem fixer because that Mac.

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so here\"s a reminder for you: Download CleanMyMac to easily solve some of the worries mentioned in this article. Yet to help you execute it all by yourself, we’ve gathered our best ideas and also solutions below.

Features described in this post refer to the site version the CleanMyMacX.

A brand-new version that macOS is alwaysexciting. However it deserve to quickly come to be frustrating if, rather of being presented through a brand brand-new Mac, ready to use, you check out an error article like “macOS might not be mounted on her computer.” Fortunately, you deserve to do numerous things to deal with the problem, so let’s obtain started.

Before you shot to install a brand-new version of macOS

It’s essential that before you perform any significant upgrade, say from Catalina to big Sur, the you back-up your Mac. Among the procedures described below involves a complete reinstall of the operation system, bring about erasing data from her drive. It’s ideal to execute the backup using Time Machine, as you can then usage Recovery setting to regain your Mac indigenous the backup. But if you don’t want to use Time Machine, create a bootable clone of her startup disk making use of a tool choose SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner.


Why walk “macOS can not be installed on her computer” appear?

There room several reasons you can see this error message. Here are some of the many common.

Your Mac doesn’t assistance the variation of macOS you’re trying to installThere was a problem downloading the installerYou don’t have enough room to install a new version of macOSThere’s a difficulty with the decaying on her MacA item of software choose a launch agent or launch daemon is interfering with the upgrade

Before you shot to resolve the error

Check if her Mac is compatible v the variation of macOS you’re trying to install. The best method to perform that is to launch the application Store app, find for the macOS variation you’re trying to install, and also scroll down the Compatibility section. You should see a article that says, “works ~ above this Mac.” Alternatively, walk to Apple’s website assistance pages and search for the minimum mechanism requirements. You could need to reboot in for sure mode, check out below, to check due to the fact that if you execute a regular restart, your Mac may automatically relaunch the installer.

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How to fix “macOS could not be set up on her computer”

1.Restart your Mac in safe mode

Safe mode disables startup items, beginning agents, and also everything else other than the ceiling minimum macOS requirements to function. Restart your Mac native the Apple food selection or by holding down the power button, and press shift until you check out the apologize logo.