Ten-hut! 14 of 22 lipsticks in the upcoming MAC The Matte Lip repertoire ($16 each, coming to the MAC webwebsite starting May 28, and to MAC stores and also counters June 11)

Many of the matte lipsticks in the new MAC The Matte Lip repertoire are brand-new, however daaaaaang! — some of the shades certain execute look choose they jumped out of my warm tub time machine circa 1994.

Like dark brvery own Antique Velvet? I’m pretty certain I wore something simply prefer it…to eexceptionally Friday night residence party I ever went to.

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And just in case you’re wondering…yes, I was that perboy at the party who was standing uncomfortably in the corner and also nursing the very same bottle of Zima the whole evening. #datingmyself

All of the $16 lipsticks in the brand-new 22-piece MAC The Matte Lip arsenal are matte (obvs), via around half of them having actually MAC’s Matte end up, and the various other half their Retro Matte end up, yet they aren’t all brand-new. A handful of them are presently easily accessible in the permanent line and also are being re-supported here through the launch (prefer Ruby Woo, All Fired Up, Flat Out Fabulous, Velvet Teddy, Kinda Sexy, Please Me, Heroine and also Pink Pigeon).

But many of the 22 shades are brand-new, which is extremely exciting! Also, technically, this isn’t a MAC arsenal in the typical limited edition sense, as every one of the colors are either in the irreversible line currently, or being added to it.

You may still check out some acquainted names among the batch of new colors also, though, like Whirl and Stone. Both are presently in MAC’s Lip Pencil line, so if you’re a fan of either one, voila! Now there are corresponding matte lipstick shades.


The MAC Mattes vs. the Retro Mattes

Both of the matte finishes represented in the arsenal are flat, meaning that they shine very little, or not at all, on the lips, yet the finishes aren’t the very same. The Retro Mattes are even more strongly matte than their consistent Matte countercomponents — incredibly flat — and also they’re nearly like wearing a matte lip pencil.

I think the Retro Mattes additionally feels drier and thinner than the constant Mattes perform, which feel a little “wet” and dense/thick to me.

Oh! — and once I wear the Retro Mattes, I feel favor my vertical lip lines are front and center, more so than when I wear the consistent Mattes.

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As for the colors themselves, what if you refuse to take on your inner ’90s brown lipstick-loving babe? Does that expect you absolutely won’t choose this collection?

No, not necessarily… You don’t have to look favor you lived and loved in the era that offered birth to fldental spaghetti-strap dresses and also baby tees to find somepoint to like in MAC The Matte Lip.