Rapper Mac miller promised an epic adventure in ~ the Bomb manufacturing facility on Wednesday night and brought his GO:OD AM tour to Deep Ellum will on living up to the hype.

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The Pittsburgh native laid out two straightforward ground rules for the night"s proceedings, both call and response. Whenever that yells, "one band," fans yell back, "one sound," in the spirit of the 2002 movie, Drumline. The other, the yells. "I"ve changed," to i beg your pardon the group is to scream back, "a lot!"

They to be apropos requests for an artist who"s racked up double-digit mix tapes and three studio albums despite being just a month shy the his 24th birthday. There was a many ground to cover.

Sporting a black color satin jacket and an easy gold rope, the rapper available a cross-section that his catalog start with "Loud" native his 2012 mixtape Macadelic and "Watching Movies" from his 2013 album city hall Movies v the Sound Off. I was excited to hear favorite such together "Insomniac" from his 2014 mixtape, Faces, and even see him reaching back to do records prefer "Nikes on my Feet" indigenous 2010"s K.I.D.S. And also "Donald Trump" native 2010"s finest Day Ever. The last earned legitimate screams that "classic" native college-aged pan who"ve get an impression up with Miller"s music.

In huge part, pan fit a very particular brand the "backwards -hat hipster" (Mavs or Stars or vintage Dallas jersey certain required) that beautiful cut throughout racial lines.

On stage, Miller proved to be a jug performer. Even when grabbing fans" phones to snap self or your beer party to take it swigs, he never ever missed a bar that the kinds of songs that proved difficult for those attempting to rap along. The crowd appeared happy just to interval punchlines for verses lock couldn"t save up with, while Miller rapped therefore passionately that his khaki hat frequently flew turn off behind him.


(Rex C. Curry/Special Contributor)

Mac fearbut has readjusted of lot, and also the GO:OD am segment of his display was a good shift in pace. The just time he shed folks was as soon as he slowed the collection down for love.

"Objects In The Mirror" from 2013"s watching Movies v The Sound Off and "ROS" native GO:OD to be elicited giddy bounces and a sirloin to open Snapchat native the women around me, however most dudes take it those moment as possibilities to view how numerous Snaps from earlier in the present failed come post.

Dropping "Stone Cold" Steve Austin"s layout music and also double-fisting beers, ironically, made for a pretty nod come Texas together he returned for the encore, however Miller wasn"t the just one come take advantage of the sellout crowd.

Opener Tory Lanez group surfed indigenous the stage to the balcony to finish his early on set, swiping something to smoke follow me the means and sparking that up as soon as he summited through fans in the top VIP area. Moments favor that often tend to get burned in one"s brain.

For Miller, though, moving beyond teen sensation, past past addiction and depression seems prefer a layup. His lyrical capability and everyman sensibility are undeniable.





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