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"What i Got" is a tune from Sublime"s eponymous third album titled Sublime and was the band"s biggest radio hit, posthumously ~ singer Bradley Nowell"s fatality in 1996 native a heroin overdose. It was the 2nd single come be exit by the band, following "Date Rape" (1991). The song"s melody is comparable to The Beatles" "Lady Madonna"."What ns Got" was among the most popular alternate singles of 1997 in the joined States, reaching the number-one clues on the Billboard modern-day Rock tracks chart. that was additionally a radio hit, peaking in ~ number 29 top top the Billboard warm 100 Airplay chart. In brand-new Zealand "What ns Got" peaked at number 34 on the RIANZ Singles Chart; What i Got: The seven Song EP was slightly an ext successful, getting to number 33 ~ above the exact same chart. The song additionally reached number 2 on the Canadian RPM alternate 30 chart and also number 71 in the unified Kingdom. The is ranked ~ above the 100 biggest Guitar song of all Time by Rolling rock magazine at number 83.more »

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F*ck, girlfriend can"t even early on in the morning, risin" come the streetLight me up the cigarette and also I"ll strap pair of shoes on mine feetGot to find a reason, reason things went wrongGot to find a factor why mine money"s every goneI got a dalmatian, and also I can still acquire highI deserve to play the guitar like a motherfucking riotWell, life is (too short), therefore love the one you got"Cause you could get operation over or you could get shotNever start no revolution I just acquire it off my chestNever had to battle with no bulletproof vestTake a little example, take a ti-ti-ti-tip native meTake every one of your money, offer it every to charity-ty-ty-tyLove is what ns gotIt"s within my reachAnd the Sublime style"s still straight from long BeachIt all comes back to you, you lastly get what girlfriend deserveTry and also test the you"re bound to acquire servedLove"s what ns gotDon"t begin a riotYou"ll feel it when the dance gets hotLovin", is what i got, I claimed remember thatLovin", is what i got, and also remember thatLovin", is what i got, I claimed remember thatLovin", is what I got (I got, ns got, ns got)Why i don"t cry when my dog runs awayI don"t gain angry at the bills I have to payI don"t get angry as soon as my mother smokes potHits the bottle and also goes appropriate to the rockFuckin" and fightin", it"s all the sameLivin" v Louie dog"s the only method to continue to be saneLet the lovin", allow the lovin" come back to meLovin", is what i got, I claimed remember thatLovin", is what i got, and also remember thatLovin", is what ns got, I said remember thatLovin", is what I gained (I got, ns got, i got)

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Sublime Sublime was an American ska punk tape from long Beach, California, developed in 1986. The band"s line-up, unmodified until your breakup, had Bradley Nowell (vocals and also guitar), Eric Wilson (bass guitar) and also Bud Gaugh (drums and also percussion). Michael "Miguel" Happoldt likewise contributed top top a few Sublime songs, such together "New Thrash". Lou Dog, Nowell"s dalmatian, to be the mascot that the band.

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Nowell passed away of a heroin overdose in 1996 and also Sublime instantly split up. More »