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Luis Miguel is among the most well-known singers in the people due come his great influence in Latin America.

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The one known as ‘sol de México’ has actually three children: Michelle (whom the did not identify until he to be of legal age), Miguel and also Daniel.

Luis Miguel maintains a wonderful partnership with his 3 offspring, to whom he is an extremely close.

Luis Miguel the has constantly been one of the ideal valued singers, both in Puerto Rico, his native country, and also in any type of other part of the world. He began his career when he was still very young, leaving anyone amazed through his variety of records, which have gone from funk come jazz or tango. In addition, the interpreter came to be one that the many listened to additionally in his neighboring country, in the unified States. Thus, this success do him known as ‘The sun of Mexico’ and also he is always accompanied by the aura the a heartthrob and also a heartbreaker that goes hand in hand with the greats of music.

Luis Miguel has always lived music because childhood, because it is son that singer-songwriter Luisito Rey and also the italian Marcela Basteri. At the beginning of the 80s the interpreter started to it is in interested in Spanish pop, shortly after that made the leap to the huge screen and, also, he taped his first album, achieved good fame in a couple of months. It to be at the end of this decade that the met Stephanie Salas, v whom he had his very first daughter, Michelle.


A few years later, in 2005, louis Miguel met Aracely Arambula and the relationship came to be official with snapshots of the couple in Venice. In 2007 the couple’s an initial child, Miguel, was born and a year later Daniel came to the world. Yes, love is it ended shortly, although both ended on very good terms. So much so the Aracely identified their relationship as a true history of Love: “It is together a beautiful story, it to be such a beautiful love story the you couldn’t think it; would certainly be a story, just like that that the Titanic, i say; ns mean, therefore beautiful, it has nothing to do with it, yet I mean how beautiful it is, it is something so beautiful ”.

After a while, louis Miguel recognized Michelle together his daughter. The mexico tabloids mentioned that that was thanks to his mam Aracely. It to be she who, together the young woman would confess, sustained her husband in the decision and, above all, propelled him to had more contact with his only daughter. In addition, the relationship in between Michelle and Aracely was always quite good, especially since of the good harmony through her brother Miguel and Daniel.

Michelle to be born in 1989 and studied Fashion design in new York City. Thus, she came to be a model and influencer fine known and recognized transparent the world. However, it to be not till she come of age that the sun of Mexico well-known her together his daughter. In spite of coming native a relatively wealthy family, Michelle has constantly commented the her mother always gave she a very normal life. The young woman has lived in Mexico, Los Angeles, Paris and new York and has been able to travel various parts that the geography because of its I work on society networks.

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The various other son of luis Miguel, Miguel, has already fulfilled 14 years. The fact is that, ~ his divorce, the singer started to distance himself a small from his kids due come his multiple expert commitments. Also, her various other son, Daniel, is still a mystery for the press, just as his mommy wanted. Both have actually been raised far from the spotlight and also there are few occasions in i beg your pardon we have actually seen the whole family together. For this reason, over there are couple of images that we have of minors, who are really close to your mother.

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