Ed Sheeran newly released his recent album named divide which brought millions the fangirls(and boys) the all period groups reduced to a writhing mess together they danced in utter ecstasy to the bewitching music that Ed Sheeran carried to the world. Many of united state would have danced merrily come the melody of “Galway girl” where he defines a perfect night v a girl that plays in an ireland band or “Nancy Mulligan” whereby Sheeran tell united state the amorous story of his grandparents and also their forbidden love story. However one tune that captured my eye (and ear) was “What carry out I know?” in i m sorry Sheeran exclaims that love and music can adjust the world. The tell united state not come interfere in politics, religion or other people’s price quotes (laughs uncontrollably due to the fact that of the latter component of the statement). While, I believe it many of the things Ed states in this song, I also have certain apprehensions about these lines.

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His wonder voice start by saying the he didn’t have many luxuries in life, however God granted him a talent in music (his guitar and a song) whereby he can be what he wishes to be. He later moves on come say the he dad had actually previously said him no to interfere in matters concerning politics or faith as they space dicey object in today’s world. Sheeran’s remarks on the current state that the culture is absolutely precise as anything which we say regarding any of this two topics will it is in scrutinized by thousands and we will be reprimanded on the basis of that. This have the right to be quickly recognised in the existing spicy issue of obvious “anti nationalism” by Gurmehar Kaur, a kargil martyrs daughter, that made a statement around the wars costing hundreds of lives in ~ both ends. But she to be antagonised by numerous who stated that what she stated was “anti national” or “pro-Pakistan” and god to know what all.



This is a classic case of how Sheeran’s words stand true in today’s scenerio, where having an opinion about anything is danger to your health and also all those that love you. In his recent video, Ryan Higa (Nigahiga on YouTube) proclaimed in the funniest manner feasible as to exactly how to it is in “politically correct” in today’s generation, that is, not to have actually a watch on anything which is surfacing on society media. You may be thinking that this seems impossible to do, and you room right. But in this era of being socially acceptable, we must do this.



Then comes the chorus that the song, which says that the world can be readjusted with a piano, some bass, a guitar and a beat. Music, they say is the truest form of emotion, and also thus deserve to melt the love of the many horrifyingly cruel people also, (especially Ed Sheeran’s music. Haha) He climate moves on to say that everyone is talking around exponential growth and also stock industries whereas the real difficulties can be addressed by reflecting love and also positivity to one another. When this is true come a big extent, i disagree through some components of it. No doubt, love can soften the harshest that people, but we case to be “advanced” beings, and hence we room bound to concentrate on things which matter to us. Breakthrough in various fields of sciences has made us the varieties we are today and we shouldn’t, and also wouldn’t give up any of that for any kind of reason. Yet as we concentrate on these “important” things, we totally forget to encompass the miscellaneous sides of the human spectrum prefer kindness and love in the direction of one another which actually make mankind 'humane’, and also tend to forget the the life we’re living will certainly be a complete waste if you execute not assist that one struggling to discover a day’s meal in a rubbish can. Therefore in the way, Ed’s article makes complete sense come me, the without love, planet is just another mass that rock favor those millions of other numerous planets wherein life is unheard of.

“We room both consisted of of love and also hate, however both of castle are well balanced on a razor blade”

I inquiry my mother what she thinks around this line, she most inextricably stated “Definitely, hate and also love space feelings i beg your pardon constitute the same human body, we have both of them in solved amounts, yet what us should constantly aim because that is the the lot of love can constantly increase, but hate shouldn’t, because if the does, person race will not be able to withstand the contempt and also aggression which no brings forth. Imagine, what would certainly this human being be without love, without my love, you wouldn’t be here today. The exact same goes because that each one of us, the different varieties of love that make united state who us are.”

(Trust every mom’s to provide the most emotional, the most corniest and the truest facts about life. *Sigh*)

Another heat which evokes my mind to create this piece is “the future is in the hand of you and me” i beg your pardon is one line i one hundreds percent think in. As a child, I recognize most the you thought that you were special, you to be destined to be a superhero, or the chairman of the nation or other of that sort. Yet as life went on, life snatched it away from you and most of you( consisting of me) lost that capability to think that you were special, you began believing the you were among those 7 billion human being who to be dropped ~ above this planet without a purpose. But, what if ns tell you the you were wrong? you are below to adjust the world. To be the next Messiah, and also I say every one of you have the capacity to perform it. So as Ed sings, stop all join our hands together to readjust this world, with love, understanding and positivity.

So you can be wondering what the suggest of this short article was? well the prize is that , maybe it was just my venting out session, maybe something happened and also it boiled increase the deepest class of my emotions or maybe it was all a promotion of Ed Sheeran’s newest album (*winks*).

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So I’d like to finish this item by saying nothing much, just that, Ed, in situation you are analysis this, would certainly you psychic sponsoring me? (LOL)

In the grandest scheme of things, i am however a mere speck the dust that wishes come enthrall you v my writings about what i am thinking and also what i believe. Stay.